The Harbinger Flame Dash Effect

My prayers have finally been answered! Thank you ggg! Stygian fd is nice and all but harbinger is da real deal for me, the patience holding off on stygian payed off. Time to upgrade ma' core support pack more haha <3
NaarJitsu wrote:
Hah I like that upside down PoE "4" at the end ;P

When I saw that the first thing that came to my mind was Diablo 4....
You know what i really want? Even though it's FLAME dash. i'd love an icy version of it. :D
GoldDragon32 wrote:
Kinda feels redundant with Stygian Flame Dash - I mean, do we REALLY need 2 different Blue flame dashes that look almost identical? But I love flame dash, use it on pretty much every character, and it looks nice.

For me Celestial effect top1 im buying them like a candys. Harbinger looks dope too
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Did you mean "colour palette"?
unless showed in slow motion like you do in the videos, I can't really tell much difference between this and the stygian one that I've been using lately except that this is a bit brighter

so during actual gameplay, apart from a slightly brighter flash.. I doubt anyone will really be able to tell the difference

can you come up with something that.. you know, feels like it would be worth getting?
mostly harmless
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looks exactly like Stygian Flame Dash Effect, but ok, thanks i guess. (after effect is identical) :D I'll stick to Stygian Flame Dash Effect i guess
Wish for a celestial flame dash, but, nice !

i disagree with the ones saying that this is identical to the stygian one, because this one doesn't have a big skeleton coming out of you (reason i never bought the stygian).

insta bought it.

my only complain is that while it's perfect visually, the sfx is a little too loud.
the sfx per se is nice, but it feels a little alien (but i think that is normal after 7 years of the old one)

edit: *5 years (since it was introduced in 2.0)
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