Microtransactions Concept Art

Dudebag wrote:
cool i really like the darkprism art.

unfortunately mtx turned horrible

I agree. The issue was the chest and other shit was too top heavy vs the art which showed much slender pieces.
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Bottom-left shield is b e a u t i f u l !!
Always nice to see
G.G.G. is Awesome!!!
over the top korean crap
What do you mean that the league is not rewarding or fun? You put in 5 useless items in the device and you get 1 useless item... Oh wait!
/Talisman League(2015/2016)

Oh look, Synthesis League(2019) = Talisman League all over again.
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I really like the techno-vall suit. Good work.

Look at all the pog's you have collected.
Have one more from me.

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the portal is actually gorgeous

the leggings teddy bear, on the other hand...
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I am here just for Darkprism comments ))
_TaZaR_ wrote:
I am here just for Darkprism comments ))

There were none.

Just pages of "pog, poggers, and cool"
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When will we get the 1.) Shield? :-)
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