Huge Sale on Weapon and Shield Microtransactions - Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

they could've been famous mtx, sadly they are static AF... stiff as wooden branches... TRAGIC.
You should rework them and make the veins move, similar to the Tentacles on the Corrupted Wings.

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Thanks for the white dragon pet.
Hope this model keeps working for you. It's really hard for me to come up with a reason to send you guys cash. These cosmetics don't do it for me. We need something somewhat functional while not stepping up to p2w.

I'd pay $5/character if I could draw over the skill tree with an overlay like MSPaint while in game. Stuff like that. It's not P2W but it's functional.
the all new syndycate portal effect
30% Double DMG STD SC Lethal Pride -
Black weapon effect. Thanks :)
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ParagonNight wrote:
NICE! A year late but we finally got that Jun portal. Real question is Zana portal when ? ?

Id like them to sell the portal in the Distance Memory map that goes to the boss fight
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If i will buy some, can you please fix this game and stop baiting people announcing stuff in the patch note that aren't fixed or just got worse, and start annuncing in the patch note stuff that you really did behind the scene (example removing guild stash, changing/removing some mod attribute in the mod table that only if you use a third party site you can see)? Thanks
Those wings look so sinister.

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