The Titan Weapon Skin

Glowy wrote:
Lovely skin, just wish we'd get more nice stuff for claws, wands. and daggers as well.

+1 but dagger skins on claws suck. When i put dagger skin on claws the dagger sticks in my face. Just doesnt work.
TauOrigin wrote:

Looks like korean mmo.....

Sword Staff Online
Is there a chance for a good wand MTX? Perhaps a bigger one? Now the little sticks are fully covered in the weapon effects. It looks like you just have shiny hands.
I mean, with all the summonor meta you a sitting on a gold mine.
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Why "green mtx aren't selling well?" I don't understand i love green!
Sarcasm is not good.
We need a new MTX director!!!
If I go first, I'll wait for you in the other side of the dark water.
dagger ? claw ? wand ? bow ?

But nice skin tho.
That sword skin matches perfectly my erect penis.
Ukanta wrote:
We need a new MTX director!!!


Unfortunately I dont know how you respond when this person tells you to check mtx revenue and then tell them they did a poor job this past year.

They are churning out the mtx and revenue, no doubt about. (There are def hits and misses)

Edit: Dark Prism set...lmfao
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These Dark Souls vibes are great :)
I'm reading about "korean mmo" critics, i really hope POE design will not drift in that way.

Sarcasm is not good.

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