Xbox One Patch 3.9.2b Crash

Last night (NZ time) we released Patch 3.9.2b on both console platforms. Since its release, we've discovered that a number of Xbox One users are experiencing a persistent crash that we aren't able to replicate on our testing realms and did not occur in any of our testing prior to deployment. Since the issue is only occurring on the live realm, it's more complicated to troubleshoot. However, the work day in NZ has only just begun and we will continue to work on the problem until we are able to resolve it.

We understand that these kinds of issues can be quite frustrating. Thanks so much for bearing with us while we investigate. We will deploy a fix as soon as possible.

Edit: We believe that we've found the cause of the issue. We're currently testing a fix and will deploy it as soon as possible. Our current trajectory suggests that the fix should be available Wednesday morning NZ time. Our apologies again for the hassle!

Edit 2: We believe we have a fix ready to go! Deployment for this update is currently scheduled for 10am Wednesday NZT.
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Thanks for keeping everyone updated!
Send me your deer-related inquiries!
Thank you for posting to console announcements!
It’s clearly been a while since it was last updated...

Thank you for the heads up and keeping us in the loop as well!
Thanks Bex (and you Jeff!). Really appreciate the comms
Game is running a lot smoother now apart from this crash, only seems to be happening when I open stash or sell to zana in hideout mostly.

thanks for letting us know you working on it
Good news! Game is running much more smoothly. Hope the crash gets fixed soon. Dying to play! Thank you for the update GGG.
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If you need something to watch, watch me log in, load a town, and dashboard.

Xbox one X
TWIST36 wrote:
If you need something to watch, watch me log in, load a town, and dashboard.

Xbox one X

Oof, there are crashes, and then there are crashes

This appears to be quite brutal.

Thoughts and Prayers Xbox1 exiles.
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
- Abraham Lincoln
I think it's the fact this league has already been so problematic, (lagging) on console that made this so frustrating.

Thank you for letting us know. I'll wait patiently for the fix.
I was able to enter a map at one point. Then, the game froze. The game will load particles but once it’s done doing that it freezes. Did a fresh install and same things happens. Login into town, particles finish loading, then a game freeze.

Started a new character, and all went well into lion eyes.

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