[3.9] Reverse Shockwave Homing Totems Ice Chieftain

Well, I took this build right now to level 72 and adjusted quite a bit (un?)fortunately!

I got my tooltip up to standard 60k per totem with flame golem out, and 90k with the Ngamahu, Flame's Advance ascendency.

Big changes for me vs OP;

+1 skill gem chest instead of wyrmscale. This is the biggest change as you lose quite a bit of +% inc aoe, but i also spec'd towards witch, and grabbed those extra aoe nodes.

+1 skill gem neck. Mixed with a level 21 base shockwave totem, i'm rocking a level 23 totem!

Using tukohama's shield for bloodmagic and mortal conviction instead of two princess.

Instead of first princess, just using a generic wand. I haven't figured out if this is the best DPS, but ideally, i'd get a wand with +1 gems on it as well, and knock the shockwave totem to level 24.

Replaced the gloves - I instead got a pair of gloves with "# to # added fire damage against burning enemies" - this doesn't show up on the tooltip damage but I use a 4th totem (searing bond) on metamorphs and bosses to ensure my totems are getting this bonus damage.

Searing totem as an extra totem doesn't require anything more than a 1 socket just to trigger that effect, but adding burning damage to it defintely gives it some higher dps.

The ring is amazing. I truly believe you do not need the emperors grasp with the ring because when the totem damage gets high enough, they die instantly anyways.

The boots are great, but you could arguably get some better two tone boots to make resists easier. THey are great for what they do, but they give no life - it's mostly for the QOL of totem placement speed, which is hard to find on the skill tree.

For flasks, i'm using atziri's, a quick silver, life flask, I think you can use wise oak to make your totems penetrate some ele resist.

I'm also self casting flammability (just use whatever curse you get the most out of) on bosses.

WHew! That's a lot. Thanks OP For the starting guide though. I didn't fully test OP's build with the two swords but i pushed in a more fire based direction (save for hatred, which i still run) and found the DPS (on tooltip) to be higher, which is why i made the changes.

However my changes make it quite a bit more expensive overall, so OP's is definitely where you want to start until you get a few exalts worth of items.
FYI updated gems some more, added taste of hate, with flasks and Ngamu's flame i'm at 145k tooltip, without flasks or anything, i'm at 76k tooltip. It's definetley a powerful build.

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