[3.9] Ice Crash Screaming Beserker {League Starter} {All Content} {2M+ DPS}

For starters, I won't claim this build as mine. I got the Idea from Nathan Walker in his Experimental League Starters

I decided to use it as my league starter and had such a pleasant time with the build that I decided to share with everyone else.

The build is based on a combination of the Ice Crash Skill Gem and the Debeon's Dirge Axe with a warcry skill and the War Bringer Beserker Node.

Atlas is almost complete. Conqueror's on Awakener level 6 are proving themselves quite easy. And I am really bad at this. Like, REALLY bad. Had 2 tries on the Awakener, both without success. I am still learning the fight, so, a few deaths for bad positioning. Don't think the build is the issue. Can get him down pretty quickly to 1/4 of his life and then my brain shuts down and I start stepping where I shouldn't. Will get there.

Pros & Cons


- Non Meta (it is a Pro for some people)
- Cheap early gearing
- Can scale
- Great map clear
- Fast Movement
- AMAZING Lab farmer
- Great Delve
- Good Boss Damage
- 25% of life gained once every 1.7sec, with warcry

- Non Meta (it is a Con for some people)
- Can be expensive to scale
- Cannot do Elemental Reflect Maps
- "Low Life (around 7k)" can be one shoted by Metamorphs ocasionally.
- Chaos Resistance SUCKS


The Mechanics

Debeon's Dirge Has an obscene amount of Cold Damage to its attacks (310 to 500) and 2 taglines:

"15% increased Movement Speed if you've used a Warcry Recently"
"150% increased Elemental Damage if you've used a Warcry Recently"

The War Bringer Beserker node gives a boost to all warcries, damage after warcrying and cooldown reductions for your screams.

With the eventual addition of a Deidbellow Helm, that adds another 20% attack and movement speed, you have a quick, frenetic Axe wielder.

Passive Tree, Ascendancy and Path of Building

The build is a Marauder Beserker(PoB Link). During leveling, I went for the following ascendant nodes:
- Crave de Slaughter: rage is always nice to have
- War Bringer: when the warcry could be used more reliantly
- Aspect of Carnage
- Rite of Ruin
The last two are up to you. I was afraid of the life degen and went for Carnage until I felt I had a better life regen.

Bandits and Pantheon
For Bandits, Kill all.
For the Pantheon, I usually go for a fully upgraded Lunaris and Gruthkul for damage reduction.

But since the chaos resistance SUCKs in this build, when facing the Hunter I usually change Gruthkul for Shakari For chaos reduction and Poison Immunity.

Solaris can be a good option for Hard hiting bosses and Brine King and Yugul can be useful against Veritania.

Gem Links

Main Skill (6-Link)
Ice Crash -- Fortify -- Pulverise -- Elemental Damage with Attacks -- Ruthless -- Hypothermia

Auras (4-Link)
Hatred -- Herald of Ice -- Blood and Sand -- Enlighten
Until you can get an enlighten Lvl 4, you will probably want to run either HoI or Hatred. On bosses, you can plant the warbanner and have both, or run a bit low on hit chance and drop the banner completly

CWDT (4-Link)
CWDT(lvl 7) -- Vaal Molten Shell(Lvl 13) -- Frost Bomb(level 13) -- Lightning Golem(lvl 9)
This set can be tweaked to your liking. I enjoy having a larger Molten Shell, so I boosted my CWDT to lvl 7. Frost Bomb can be manually applied but I am lazy and the golem is there to give me a bit more of attack speed. Until you can get a cry on your belt, one slot can also be used to socket it here, if you can't get an Unset ring.

Misc (3-link)
Vaal Ancestral Warchief -- Leap Slam -- Faster Attacks // War Banner(until you cap your Accuracy, then switch to an Empower).
Boost your damage and/or area of effect + movement skill.

Enduring Cry (1 Link)
You can put it anywhere you like, I used an Unset Ring until I menaged to get an elder belt with lvl 22 enduring cry.

Da gear

Weapon: No other way to go than the Dirge. I used a Limbsplit to level, upgraded it to a Cauteriser and finally moved on to a 6 link Debeon's right at lvl 66. Bought a good one fully linked for something around 10 chaos

Helm: Deidbellow is the best option here, boosting the warcry even more. A rare with Life and Resistances is ok if you are lacking resistances.
For enchants, ideally you should get a "+40% increased Ice Crash Damage". If not, "+15% of Ice Crash Physical Damage gainned as extra Cold Damage" is ok. Good luck Getting either of those on that helm.

Body: Kaom's Heart boost to life is amazing. Until I could get one, I got an Astral Plate and fossil crafted life and %life.

Gloves: Spiked Gloves with the "Convert 25% to cold damage" boosts both damage and brings it to full elemental damage once you get the Watcher's Eye. Until I had the money to get the Watcher's eye, I was using a Hrimburn for the damage conversion.

Boots: Any Rare boot with Life, movement and resists, no biggie

Amulet: Yoke of Suffering gives us a shock possibility with any elemental damage and increase damage for each Ailment on enemy. Until I got it, I was using a talisman

For Annoitment, I wen't for Tenacity, for the extra life and damage, but you can go for Heart of Ice or Breath of Rime, they are a bit cheaper.

Rings: The Taming and Tasalio's Sign both have good resistances and sinergy with cold/elemental skills.
Until I could afford them, a good rare with some life, resistances and elemental damage can work quite well.And Until you can get the elder belt, an Unset ring will suffice for your Enduring Cry

I also used an Elder with Warlord's Mark on Hit for a while, didn't feel much when changed it.

Belt: Any elder belt with Enduring Cry lvl 22 and Increased Damage with attacks works wonder here. Resistances to cap and some life is also a good thing. Ideally I would like to get a Stygian Vise here, but an alder base for that belt is quite expansive, so I went with a Leather Belt for the extra life.

Jewels: I went for %Life, %Attack Speed/with Axes, %Cold Damage and %Melee Damage like these:

You will eventually want to get a Watcher's Eye with the (25-40)% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage while affected by Hatred affix, but those are usually a few Exalteds.
A Tempered_Mind Cobalt Jewel will take care of any Accuracy issues you might have

My Set right now is the following:

Flasks: Flasks are always a personal choice. A Wise Oak will be a huge DPS boost. I decided to use an Atziri's Promise for extra DPS and a bit of Leech

For the regular flasks, Granite for Armour boost, Quicksilver for speed and a Suphur for extra damage (I exchange this one for a Quartz when delving, for the phasing), with Curse Immunity (of Warding), Bleed Immunity (of Staunching) and Freeze Immunity (of Heat).
If you don't mind curses, you can trade one of your regular Flasks for a Lion's Roar for another boost to damage

And I believe that is it. Never made a guide before and never made an organized post either, have a few issues here and there. English is not my native language so I expect quite a few mistakes through the text.

Feedback and corrections are appreciated.

Keep Sane, Exile.

EDIT 1 (01/27): Added progression, item upgrades and annointment
EDIT 2 (01/28): Fixed PoB.

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Kindly post videos of the build, to enable readers to get a taste of it.

Try using OBS Studio, it's free and rather easy to use.

If you want inspiration, please have a look at my own guide:

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katmos wrote:

Kindly post videos of the build, to enable readers to get a taste of it.

Try using OBS Studio, it's free and rather easy to use.

If you want inspiration, please have a look at my own guide:


I second this; no vid builds are like blind dates ... too easy to get disappointed ;)
don't dew it.
How's this build doin? I've been thinking about playing it!
Kinda wish you had a vid of you mapclearing t15-16 and a conq kill :L
Build is solid, i have my "own" version of similar build. You can swap easly Kaoms for Loreweave and stack in there auras/single target skill. You PoB doesn't work aswell so please look up into it. For the gloves, you could swap yours with any rare containing "increased Damage with Hits against Chilled Enemies"
Any reason not to go with a 6-linked Atziri's Disfavour?

I was playing around with path of building. You gain quite a lot of DPS by swapping out Dirge in favor of Disfavour but you lose the movement speed during war cry.

I was thinking about setting up a weapon swap. Do a 6-link dirge for clearing then swap to a 6-link Disfavour for bossing with the links:

Ice Crash -- Fortify -- Pulverize -- Elemental Damage with Attacks -- Ruthless -- Concentrated Effect

I have a few ex this league so I might try it out once I hit maps with this guy. So far I'm really enjoying it!
GGoliath wrote:
How's this build doin? I've been thinking about playing it!

So far I am really happy with it. on the way to my 3rd attempt on the Awakenner (if Baran will ever spawn)

I usually don't play melee, but this has been my guy through this whole league.

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