Scarab Shield

Hey. Its look nice but ...
Please start o create some dark micro transaction.
Dark, disturbing, creepy or gloomy.
In that point we will end up with unicorns :)
Wrocław :D
This is good, some of the new and old packs are way way too tacky.
Though to be fair most of the cheaper supporter packs and some shop mtxs are pretty good.
so detailed yet so beautiful but sad we not playing in fps mode
I like how every other news post is just an ad for MTX, while the game is in the worst state it's been in since the Bestiary nets debacle, except this time the problems lie in the core features of the expansion, and not the league. You are losing my faith, GGG.
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Very expensive microtransactions, not for everyone's pocket as is my case. That way I can't give support anymore.
Fix the damn map tab or make another one. I'd buy a alternate one and let the old one rot. We need it sorted by Area first, then name. Different tiers within a name could be colored by tier.
In DAoC I had the Golden Scarab Vest,
That game put my patience to the test,
ToA was bugged so trued,
Collecting scarabs made me blue,
But I cannot buy this pretty shield,
My map tab first needs badly healed.

You've already been told yesterday, that the team who makes the MTX is not in charge of fixing or changing anything related to game's mechanics so you might wanna try getting attention on a part of the forum, that's actually responsible for that kind of development instead of wasting your time and "poetic talent" here.
Best shield. Looks like Punisher's shield too. It's really minimalist, nice and got that sick relic shine.
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The shield really looks great! That said, the map tab issue is real. ^^
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Scarab / 10
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