[3.9] CoC Volatile Dead Assassin - 1M+ Per Ball Explosion - All Content Easy

This build is a lot of fun but it certanly lacks some definsives so I tried to go for as much dodge as I can. Currently saving up for quiver

I was so squishy...I swtichted to brass dome for some more Phys dmg red.
I tried a hunter armour with +crit chance and +curse, but had too low defense with it.
I still have a Kaom's heart in stash, but right now more defense suits better then some extra life.

Still can't afford the quiver or the good version of the rings.

Last edited by lilalaunemaus on Mar 27, 2020, 3:47:36 PM
Is anyone playing this build in Delirium? How is it?
Life on Hit, from Vitality/Watcher's Eye interaction for example, works with balls? And in general Balls can proc on hit effect?

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