Development Plan for 2020

I hope the development plans includes something that deals with the usual poor state of the game particularly at the last league of the year.
IGN: JerleStriker
PoE Mobile will be the first non-snake-on-a-Nokia mobile game I've ever played. HYPE!!
Personally, I’m more excited about D4 and hopefully DI releases. I miss the AAA quality and polish of an classic ARPG game....
For those of you complaining that things aren't being "tested" well enough. Please try to keep in mind that there are only so many people to test and they are only testing from their perspective. GGG simply cannot account for the many thousands of variables that a large community adds. Also this is a f2p game that isn't p2w, the developers have the mindset of creating good content and releasing it with as few bugs as possible. Simply jumping on the "GGG fix your game test your stuff" bandwagon doesn't do anything in fact simply not posting anything at all to make it easier to find constructive criticism would do the developers and the community more good =] and if you're doing it just to be mean remember what your mum taught you before she went out for smokes 7 years ago... "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." -ur mum
Thanks GGG for a good game and all your work.
looking forward to it! thanks for all the hard work
here are only so many people to test and they are only testing from their perspective

Yeah, ummmm. testing for GAME RUINING bugs and exploits is their job, the 'test' team have one job and they fail over and over and over and over and over. (Standard map tab, Awakener orb exploit)

jumping on the "GGG fix your game test your stuff" bandwagon doesn't do anything"

Oh it does a HELL of a lot, it lets potential new players know exactly what to expect. Sure it means the game's playerbase has been pretty much stagnant the last year or more, but that's not our fault. Releasing sub par alpha's with game ruining bugs and exploits turns alot of players off, and turns many more from even playing (alpha testing).
The timing of the expansions may vary by a week or two
Can you please make it a month or two (or three, if you need it)? Seriously, you've underdeveloped Delve, bricked Synthesis, bricked Blight -- and (probably) irreversibly damaged many of other leagues due to the 3-month release cycle. Can you please complete content before releasing it even once?
very sceptical until the time comes and I play the game for myself.
Turning players into payers. Anti NPC-Echo chamber.

"I never say anything to provoke, but I do provoke to say something."

never take seriously any person that spends 600+ hours every single league.
I would love to see the Mobile game become a 'maps only' or 'delve only' sort of game.

If the mobile game was just infinite delve with a way to find/sustain sulphite or infinite sulphite, then that'd be pretty amazing on it's own.

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