followed item filters disappearing

mark1030 wrote:
Kinda defeats the purpose of following a filter though.

correct, but a way to get the item filter they wanted until this is fixed.
Got this same issues, with the message 'failed to open filter file: ""

With no filters in the list.

did anyone get a work around to get this to work? (without downloading loot filter etc)
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Having same issue. Workaround for me is to use "Exit to Log In screen". The problem seems to only occur when using "Exit to Character selection"
Hi, me and my mate have the same error - after the patch. Plz fix!!

Happening to me too.

I found that the error/bug occurs when you log in a character after you clicked "Exit to character selection". This is what causes the bug/error.

If you click "Exit to log in screen" and then log in a character, the filter loads properly.

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