This is the level 15 Passive Tree of the Necromancer with this exact same build but CI with around 20 000 just from items. Around 3 exalts build alike. With Cyclopean Coil, Geoffri's Sancturary (only expensive if 6 L), Shaper's Touch (24 c) and so on

Leveling Guide

Kill Hillock

Fireball + Arcane Surge (lvl 1) + Onslaught


Fireball + Combustion + Unbound Ailments

Raise Zombie + Minion Damage + Summon Holy Relic




Flame Dash + Arcane Surge (lvl 1)

Add Faster Casting in Act 2

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Just a quick update on this build and on my progress.

I am about to do Cruel Lab.

Spent around 50 c on a new weapon 6 L, just to check the skill (never had that weapon before, never played chieftain before this league, a lot of jugg and some berserker in Legion).

Doesn't need to be 6 L, can be only 6 sockets, only pick 6 L if you need the links to replace a 6th support gem with an active one.

And tweaked a bit my Cyclone Setup to a more support less DPS focused.

Cyclone + CwC + Unearth + Volatile Dead + Cremation + Convocation

Convocation can be easily fit under a Cast When Damage Taken lvl 1 at around lvl 7. And then replace the 6th socket with Fortify (if you're playing without vigilant strike in the secondary setup, or if you're using flame dash instead of Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic). Another good one would be GMP or Desecrate for even more corpse generation. Or either Conc Effects for Bossing, or Increased AOE for mapping / clearing.

What are your thoughts ?
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By the way I did re-spec the Ascendacy before attempting the Cruel Lab.

I switched Ramako with Ngamahu.

Then on Cruel Lab took Hinekora.

Then it's Ramako from Hinekora.

And on Uber Lab it's Tasalio for Fire Res.

At this point doe I would strongly reccomend start to pick up Cold Res and Lightning resist on all your rares, and if possible a bit of Chaos Res (Not mandatory just good vs metamorphs) and Life (Before you make the switch to CI, or even if you want to keep it Life based)

New POB link (need regret orbs to re-spec some life nodes / early pathing since the current tree is not hc viable, not ssf either due to a large amount of uniques needed to work and its pathing is not gonna get you anything else besides STR if you try to follow it at level 1.

Also another time, this is not a 1 exalt budget league starter hc ssf viable build, due to some of the reasons I've stated before.

I've dropped the act. Dropped Cyclone, Cremation and Desecrate.

Focused on Blade Vortex (Vaal is a must and qol) and Wave of Conviction.

Rest just utilities (auras and CWDT setups) setups like:

CWDT (lvl 1) + Immortal Call (lvl 3) + Increased Duration (lvl 20) + Wave of Conviction (lvl 7)

or if you have extra sockets to fill:

CWDT (lvl 1) + Wave of Conviction (lvl 7) + Curse on Hit (lvl 20) + Flammability (lvl 20)


CWDT (lvl 20) + Steelskin (lvl 20) + Increased Duration (lvl 20) + Righteous Fire (lvl 20)

Current Gear



Gem links

Body Armour

4L: Vaal Blade Vortex + Controlled Destruction + Iron Will + Unleash

5L: Concentrated Effect

6L: Elemental Focus


Vaal Righteous Fire + Elemental Focus + Swift Affliction + Efficacy

Movement skill

Here you have two choices, a Flame Dash Setup or a Shield Charge Setup

Flame Dash + Arcane Surge (lvl 7) + Faster Casting


Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify or Blood Magic


Anger, Herald of Ash and Vaal Discipline linked with a leveled Enlighten

This build can be considered a side project to dump your currency in. It is a scaling build, so the more gem slots you have the more stats you will have, STR to be more precise. The cost of the build can be from budget to several exalts. Basicly the only real expensive item is the jewel Efficient Training. You can have from 3 to 5 (or the gem slots you have available). Right now I am using a more budget friendly version by buying 4% increased STR Brawns with 10 % reduced INT. If you can buy 6% ones would be qol, the dexterity % is kinda whatever. Mostly since we don't take advantage from Evasion since we have Unwavering Stance Keystone. I am also using 2 Might of the Meeks, one slightly above the scion wheel above Marauder starting zone, and the other is near the Templar starting area, a bit to the left side. There is another spot on the tree not far from the curse reservation nodes that can also have a third Might of the Meek jewel.

By the way I don't know if I talked anywhere in this build guide about Amulet Annointments (my head) so I would reccomend 2. Either "Beef" (budget) or Tranquility (expensive). The total cost of the second one is around 2 exalts if not mistaken last time I checked on There are also other interesting nodes that give 20 STR and other cool stats. But Beef is so well arounded. It gives plain 30 STR which benefits not only your EHP but also your damage, if you're using the sceptre on the main weapon since it gets % increased damage based on your STR.

I have been slacking a bit because I started another project this week, not related to POE, but more like a multiplayer fps + parkour + driving cars + piloting spaceships + class based kinda project. So you have some insight, today at 20:00 PM GMT I decided to import an old dead project of mine into the same location on the hard drive. Result, 760 fatal errors, or red errors as I like to call them. So if you're familiar with Unity, you can't play test a scene if you have one single red error on the scripts or missing some package file on the library. Long story short, I spent the last 4 hours going on every single one of those 760 errors. Mission accomplished I must say, but it's around 1 AM and I only have the time to play right now. It is kinda frustating not being able to put in the hours, but I do not make POE my living, and so far I got 0 € from it while spending a considerable amount of bucks on mtx. Well great game. Test this build before CI nerf on the next league almost 99 % sure. Maybe gate it making it bound to a certain ascendacy. Like they removed Wicked Ward from the Necro or Occultist (can't remember which of the two, but I think the second one). They could easily socket it on the Occultist ascendacy for example, and make it more around ES than cold damage. Maybe Damage over time (so it helps Chaos Dot builds as well and not specific to Vortex / Ice Nova builds alike). It's just my thoughts.
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Updated the main post and the third post of the topic, sorry for the inconvenience but have reached the character limit on the first post and can't add anymore colours or spoiler tabs. Sorry.

What do you wanna see in the future ? Videos ? Crafting BIS items (advanced tutorial) ? Delve more into the Necromancer variant ? Focus more on "solo" Cremation ? Stick to Cyclone ? Stick to Blade Vortex ? Use a double handed weapon like Therminus and use Cyclone as main source of damage ? Your comments and criticism will help improve the quality of the content provided here. Afterall it is made for you.

By the way just a side note, not that I wanna brag about it, "this is neither the time or the place" (read it with Templar's voice) but today might be the day a mirror of Kalandra drops for you. Yes, you figured. This guide is gonna be featured in the Build of the week series 2019 / 2020 of G3 Iron.

Drop by his channel and don't forget to like, subscribe, ring the bell for notifications and click on the links placed slightly above his new year bald forehead. Ah ah ah
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