[3.9] Raider Flicker Strike (10 - 15 million Shaper DPS)


1/5: Created this guide! Also, I attempted Level 8 Sirus but had a bad death that bricked the instance (storm blocking entrance). Overall, really stupid fight this time as Sirus was constantly hovering over storms.

Introduction: Raider Flicker Strike!
-Whats New in 3.9: Bosses got buffs. High shock values got nerfed. Elder/Shaper items are harder to acquire. Basically, no more 1 second, full life Shaper kills.

-Build Goals: I wanted to extend my Trickster Flicker Strike build to other classes and Ascendancies. 3.9 made a lot of the core items more expensive and others a bit cheaper, but overall, I think the build is still effective.

-Why Raider?: Raider has innate Frenzy charge generation, high movement speed, and high evasion. If you enjoy a fast hard hitting play style that requires you to be on your toes, try this build out.

Gameplay Videos [3.9]:
Shaper Burst

Elder Kill

Level 84 Gameplay Preview and Cortex Fight

-High DPS (Can pull 14mil+ Shaper DPS with Adrenaline)
-Very mobile with exceptional clear speed
-High burst for instant killing packs and insta-killing bosses
-Straight forward gearing
-Scales well off of uniques
-Can actually delve a bit

-Can get exploded by strong boss attacks with the right (wrong) modifiers
-Relies heavily on flasks
-Not cheap

The Build (Updated 1/5):
Note: LocalIdentity POB fork recommended for more accurate DPS calculations

Previous Versions:

Skill Gems:

Main Skill 6L (Chest)
Flicker Strike > Multistrike > Close Combat > Melee Physical > Ruthless > Melee Splash (Clear) or Full Life (Single Target DPS)

Ancestral Warchief/Fortify/Infusion 6L (Weapon)
Vaal Ancestral Warchief > Cyclone > Close Combat > Melee Physical > Infused Channeling Support > Fortify Support

Mobility 2L + Survivability 2L (Boots)
Leap Slam > Faster Attacks > Steel Skin (LVL 20) > Cast When Damage Taken (LVL 20)

Aura/Ancestral Protector (Gloves)
Blasphemy > Ancestral Protector > Assassin's Mark > Multiple Totems Support

Auras 4L (Helm)
Flesh and Stone > Maim > War Banner> Precision

Gear and Explanations:
Weapon: Starforge / Terminus Est

Starforge is my current "end game" weapon. One shots packs in T16s and kills bosses so quickly that Frenzy generation never really comes up. Terminus Est is still plenty for Shaper and is an option for Frenzy generation at lower levels and when you are lacking damage.

Helm: Abyssus (Offensive) / Fractal Thoughts (Balance) / Farrul's Bite (Utility)

Abyssus is the strongest DPS option by far but also increases physical damage taken. Fractal Thoughts is in the middle ground; an offensive and defensive option. Farrul's Bite is an easy way to pick up Aspect of the Cat, has good damage, and added utility of blinding on hit. If possible, grab the 9% increased Flicker Strike Damage per Frenzy Charge helm enchant. The 40% Flicker Strike Damage and 30% Increased Assassin's Mark Curse Effect are also effective choices. I've exluded the enchants from the build due to rarity.

Body Armor: Farrul's Fur (Utility)

This is your 6 link slot for Flicker Strike. Farrul's is the only option to be able to sustain Frenzy and Power charges.

Shaper's Touch

Ton's of free stats. Get +1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges corrupted to further scale damage from Frenzy charges.

Boots: Darkray Vectors (Offensive) / Garukhan's Flight (Defensive)

Darkray gives damage and movement from Frenzy charges and +1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges. Garukhan's provides additional HP and immunity to some ground ailment effects. Enchant with attack speed, movement, or regen when hit.

Rings: Le Heup of All / Rare, Gifts from Above

Basically capping out resists with Le Heup of All. A rare can fulfill the same purpose. Gifts from above provides some nice extra damage for bossing by adding crit and dropping Consecrate.

Special Mentions: Sibyl's Lament / Precursor's Emblem

Swap in a Sibyl's if you need to do a reflect physical damage map. Even a bad Precursor Emblem is a great, and expensive, option.

Amulet: Rare or Astramentis

Really a dealer's choice kind of slot; pick something you like. Astramentis works well with attribute scaling. Allocate Disemboweling for your anointing oil.

Belt: Stygian Vise

Pretty standard. Get life and resists.

Lion's Roar, Atziri's Promise, Sin's Rebirth, Silver Flask, Diamond Flasks

Just run all DPS flasks. I ran a Wise Oak for resists and a Healing flask at lower levels.

Special Mentions: Bottled Faith, Kiara's Determination

Bottled Faith is best in slot, but is expensive and difficult to farm. It synergizes with Gifts from Above as well. Kiara's is a short duration flask but provides Freeze, Curse, and additional stun immunity.

Watcher's Eye with Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision is best in slot. Generally, you'll want crit multiplier, life, and to cap resists with Jewels.

Leap Strike to control your direction and dodge large attacks. Tap Cyclone to activate the Fortify buff and hold Cyclone to gain the Infusion damage buff. Flicker strike everything and try to keep flasks up. For Boss fights, run in, drop your Ancestral Warchief/Protector totems (Vaal when available), pop flasks and place War Banner for a large burst of damage. Swap to Damage on Full Life support for difficult boss fights.

Help Alira.

Soul of Solaris (Major) and Soul of Tukohama (Minor)

Solaris helps with bosses, one shots, and ailments. Tukohama adds some physical damage reduction and regen--you are technically standing still when Flicker Striking.

Flicker Strike doesn't really come online until around level 51 when you have Terminus Est . You can Flicker much earlier with Blood Rage, Blood Dance boots (lvl 44), but it may be sub-optimal. I leveled with Frost Blades and Cyclone.

End Comments:
If you made it this far, thanks for checking out my second guide. A ton of trial and error went into my original Flicker Strike build and I wanted to spread that to other classes. I hope you'll enjoy playing the build as much as I have.

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How viable are Paradoxica (x2) compared to Starforge in terms of dmg?
Mikkizh_dk wrote:
How viable are Paradoxica (x2) compared to Starforge in terms of dmg?

Around a 4 million DPS loss after shifting a few points around for dual wielding.
ugh that's rough. ty
How does metamorph feel? Since they are pretty strong sometimes way stronger then bosses.
do they one shot you alot in t15 t16?
Can you kill them fast?
DoyouevenLlft wrote:
How does metamorph feel? Since they are pretty strong sometimes way stronger then bosses.
do they one shot you alot in t15 t16?
Can you kill them fast?

Due to time constraints, I’m playing on standard. I can’t speak for Metamorphs, but I will say in general, you will have to avoid heavy hitting boss attacks. Most one shot attacks are telegraphed and avoidable. It’s possible to swap gear around and drop down to about 10mil DPS and 7000 eHP if you want to be tankier.
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Tukohama adds some physical damage reduction and regen--you are technically standing still when Flicker Striking.

Isn't true. Open your character pane in a low level area, watch the "Estimated Physical Damage Reduction" stack up, then flicker. It'll drop to your base % from armor with each flicker.
Сan something like this build be applicable to scion? And if so, what might it look's like?
What was the budget of this build?
DPS looks really sspicy haha
How are you sustaining life with this build?

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