Polaris Mystery Box Concept Art

The black aura is a dragon from chinese mythology.

I thought you said PoE china wasn't going affect the rest of us.
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Can't say I like these designs. We've seen some great concept art in the past but not this time.
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Thats awesome! Would love to see more post like this, showcasing concept art and other steps of the process!
I think something was lost between the concept art and the actual armor. I really like the concept art, but I found the set to be just okay.
The concept art looks better than the implementation.
concept art once again way better than the actual armor in game.

Also, fix sirus bugs. Don't nerf the fight. Just fix the bugs. Storm phase is a mess and causes most bugs
so why the white helmet's face is not white that different with the art
Can we please get some kind of developer update on the state of the game currently? I mean Sirus is a mess, boss spawn rng is ridiculous at times, and there's no way to target farm maps and nobody wants to do 95% bad maps all day.
Sweet stuff.

Also, guys.
Natalia_GGG wrote:
in a form of concept art

That's why it seems so much better. This stuff was made afterwards just to draw more attention to the details.
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Conceptual arts have more texture and effects, in the game it seems that portals and equipment are made of frosted plastic.

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