[Archived] Moosseolini's Holy Relics Guardian

Cerri wrote:
Doas anybody know why this build is no longer maintained?

Is there a problem with that build so that it will no longer work?

Is there an updated version of it out there?

Many thanks

I had this build 3.18 or 3.19, the Necromancer version and it seems to work fine still.
I have no idea how to get the helmet in SSF, any clew?
This guide is a work of art 👍💪👌
Ragnae wrote:
I have no idea how to get the helmet in SSF, any clew?

There's no way to target far it, but it's a rather common one.
Maybe Gwen would be your best shot
Anyone here have a PoB for 3.22?
ah was really hoping there was an update for this with the changes, loved this build.
best build ever ;-)
Hi all

Is anyone else playing this build?
A lot has been updated since 3.23 and unfortunately for the worse in my opinion.

Holy Relic hasn't gotten any transfigured gems yet.
The divergent version of the Gem is gone with which we could do a lot more damage.
The lab enchant with 40% more Holy Relic damage is missing. How do you compensate for that?
And then the mana reservation was removed from Ashes of the Stars so that you either have to run one less aura or look for alternatives.

How does it look? Does anyone else play the build and if so, what alternatives are you thinking of?

Thank you,

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Maybe we are saved!!!

Added Transfigured versions of the following Skill Gems: Artillery Ballista, Elemental Hit, Ice Shot, Incinerate, Kinetic Blast, Poisonous Concoction, Summon Holy Relic, and Tornado.
Check this page out some suggestions for new skill gems.
3.24 buff new gem +1max holy relic. so now we have 3 relic. plus the buff to necro is pretty good i think now the best choice is scion or necro

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