[3.9] Fire/Flamethrower Trap League Starter - Clear Maps - One Tap Bosses - Farm Awakener

Warning-Understand Timeless Jewels, How are you so Tanky
WARNING this build uses a Glorious Vanity Timeless Jewel - if you do not understand how this jewel works, please research how it works before using this build. That being said, this build does not requirethe jewel to function, nor should you focus too much on the complexity of this jewel, just understand how it will chang your skill tree and POB. I recommend watching the FULL VIDEO GUIDE below to understand

Wikipedia link

Further information - POE Vault Timeless Jewel Explanation Guide

This build is my league starter - you can start with a 6L rare chest and a 4L Searing Touch to level 90 easily. I run this almost every league (blight, synthesis) and it always excels. The AoE damage is ridiculous, and the single target is unparalleled. Flamethrower (FT) Trap is pretty much the strongest single target spell in the game

This build is so strong, I've already hit my League goal 16 Days in.
Attaining a Headhunter
. This is not the best build to use Headhunter, so it'll most likely sit in my stash tab as a trophy.

Mapping Videos in T16 with Shaper Guardians

T16 Sunken City with Elemental Equilibrium

T16 Maze of the Minotaur 2 Minute Map+Boss Clear

Build Cost


This build costs approximately anywhere between 400 to 1200 Chaos to FULLYGear (ignoring Tailwind Boots)

TAILWIND BOOTS ARE NOT NECESSARY. I used these boots, gloves and amulet until 94. So, if I can do it, so can you. I only use Tailwind because I don't need resistsances witht his build, and I'm so tanky I can give up some HP for the QoL. It only really helps for mapping as it doesn't affect Flamethrower Trap on Bosses

Here is my cheaper gear before I upgraded at 90+

For Leveling, consider using a
as a worthy and strong leveling item until you get a decent sceptre/shield

Stats to Look for When Buying Gear

Prioritize stats on the left > with the last ones being nice stats

Helm - +2 Flamethrower Trap Enchant > Life > -9% Fire Resistance (Scorched Fossil) > Resistances > Mana

Body - 6 Link > +100 Life + % Life > Resistances > Anything Else

Rings - Life > Resistances > Mana / If you have money get a Circle of Anguish (Herald of Ash) version

Amulet - Life> +1 Fire/Dex Skill Gems > Resistances > Mana Regeneration > Area of Effect Damage

Gloves - AdvancedTraps/Trap Throwing Speed > Life > Faster Casting Support > Resistances > Mana

Boots - Movement Speed > Life > Resistances > Tailwind (Expensive)

Sceptre - +1 Fire Spell Gems > Spell Damage/Fire Damage > Cast Speed > Mana

Shield - Life > +1 Fire Spell Gems > Spell Damage > Resistances > Cast Speed

Belt - Life > Resistances > Mana

For Gems - follow my gem links. Make sure Wave of Conviction is level 1 or you will die to reflect. You can buy level 21 Fire Trap and 21 Flamethrower Trap for as low as 10 Chaos (thanks GGG league mechanic)



I also run a Glorious Vanity Jewel by Pain Attunement and Take that Keystone. Here are my stats. It's mildly decent, you can find better. You're most likely taking this for the keystone only. I got a bit lucky with the spell damage

I take a Thread of Hope (ring size small) that I can't unsocket near Acrobatics inside the projectile damage socket. I take Phase Acrobatics and Silent Steps

Builds Notes
Helm Enchant - Necessary, it's 50% more Damage for Flamethrower Trap which is insane

Aspect of the Spider - Not Necessary but very strong. 15% more damage and reduced movement speed ensures Flamethrower Trap hits for its full duration as mobs move very little.

Glorious Vanity - Get a decent one, may take some time, it's purely random. But it's worth it

Make sure your Gloves have Trap Throwing Speed - it helps a lot for map clear and makes the build feel butter smooth

+1 Fire Spells Amulet - Not Necessary, but very helpful for scaling damage. You will want one if you're going to invest in this build. The only real stats to look for are life and +1 fire gems.

Jewels - Make sure to get decent ones with Life.

Bandits and Pantheon
Take 2 Skill Points from Bandits
I use Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Shakari

Path of Building POB Pastebin
POB: https://pastebin.com/5v50gTdU

Leveling Trees and Leveling Guide

Level with any skill level 1 (I used Explosives Trap) - pick up Fire Trap at level 12, and from there level to 28 and pick up Flamethrower Trap. When you get Elemental Overload, make sure to use Orb of Storms.

Auras while leveling - Clarity, Skitterbots, Herald of Ash. That's it. clarity will sustain you.

For Supports, use Trap and Mine Damage, Controlled Destruction and any fourth support gem (efficacy, fire penetration, burning damage) all work for Fire Trap. Support Flamethrower Trap in another 4L Similarly.

For travelling skills, I used exclusively Flame Dash.

First 41 Points

First 63 Points

First 94 Points

First 111 Points

At this point - consider respeccing to Corrupted Soul with a Glorious Vanity Jewel, and get Thread of Hope to spec out of Acrobatics. Pick up the remaining jewel sockets and you're pretty much done this build and can improve it as you like.

I am a Mirror, I do not exist.
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I am a Mirror, I do not exist.
Looks like a cool build gonna test it soon :)

Still trying to figure how the Timeless jewel work tho !
updated post - added new notes and gear
I am a Mirror, I do not exist.
I am a Mirror, I do not exist.
I did a flamethrower fire trapper back when flamethrower came out and it's my favorite skill but i'd never gone back thinking it was just subpar.

Think ya proved me wrong on that.

I decided to switch over the BL miner i was working to this and got all the gear sold and then purchased tonight to really get going. Definitely on the high side of the price range but i ended up with some GREAT gear to get going.

And some nice jewels.

only had time for a couple maps but feels great so far, looking forward to a weekend of getting to level 90+ and bossing with it.
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Looks like a great build! I'm playing a level 90 arc trapper with 5k hp and MoM, but started dying to tier 13 maps. Will save up some currency to switch to this
Tested your build few days ago leveling was really smooth and boss killing ability is very good for a little budget -
Clearspeed is not the best one, however with such defensive layers it make it really enjoyable to map with, had lot of fun, thanks OP for sharing this build, I never tried FTT before :)

Happy new year

Hf :)
Great build! I spent about 7 ex switching to it today and I lagged really hard on T16 malachai and the metamorph. Somehow survived both of those by blindly spamming FTT :D
Thanks for the nice guide!
Is there a reason why you allocate arsonist? Saboteur look like a bettre choice over 25k dps from path of building.

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