Happy Holidays from Grinding Gear Games!


Tis the season
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nice one
Cool GGG, but give me back some compensation for my big support (private donations aswel) in dosh speaking it gave to you at all this year Ty.
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Happy Holidays

Thank you for all y'all's hard work!
Thank you from my family to all yours and staff, Have a Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays GGG! Thanks for all the hard work!
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays! The year was one of the roughest for GGG yet; numerous buggy launches, having the least-played launch (Blight) in years, (due to being caught between WoW Classic and Destiny 2's Steam launch) and also failing to get nomination for a Steam award. (they'd secured a "labor of love" nomination each of the prior few years)

However, you DID make it through to the end of the year, and along the way some promise was laid out; the beacon of 4.0 is shining, so in leaving 2019, you know you're not running away from 2019, but towards PoE 2. To 2020!
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