Seasonal Winter Microtransactions

Christmas tree would be nice...

Happy holidays, GGG and fellow Exiles!
there is no free christimans MTX for those who dont have money to buy microtransation, packs, etc?
First: That bear is the cutest thing I have ever seen
Second: I want the snowman as a pet^^
thank you, I need this.
I like turtles.
A polar bear walking on a beach!
Global warming is not a joke
Pretty new to the game, but just wanted to say great work on leading the genre forward and not letting it stagnate.
Not feeling the holiday spirit with these.
Last Christmas was the same things. Maybe apart from the deer and the head decoration. But the Snowman and reskinned bear pet the same. Yes, it´s just reskinned. Imagine if they actually bothered to make a polar bear that actually looked like a polar bear.
Demonic Arctic Reindeer looks great!
In fleeting reality, you step into the realm of madness.

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