3.9.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

Bugs that need fixing that I have encountered and I keep having
- crash with legion generals on maps
- influence present but exile will not spawn (chances seem way lower than 33%, it can take even 10+ maps for one encounter)
- influence present but influence monster not spawning, no influenced item drop in maps under influence
- citadels disappear once influence shows up, we cannot sextant these sectors and this coped with extremely buggy spawning mechanics (it can take even 30 maps from spawn to 2 more occurrences) hits map sustain (lower quant and so on)
- we still can get the entrance blocked during awakener fight
- map conversion is completely messed up, tabs are still not functioning properly. Shaper/elder maps from old tabs are vastly inaccessible. Several high tier maps still convert into low tier. Several different maps are converting into one type. Unique maps lose levels on convert (t5 becomes t3 and so on). Old guardian maps are. Investing into non guardian.

That is for starters. I have not experienced- knock on the wood here - any technical issues like a lot of folks, no random crashes or DC’s (outside of legion generals) but a lot of things is still broken.

Now, besides all that I wanted to say that current design of endgame encounter(s) completely sucks.
Spawning conquerors is not deterministic and not reliable past 16 first stones. Even if we had “pity timer” it would take 7 maps for exile fight and 28 maps for one Awakener event. This would be very steep, but somewhat doable. However we don’t even have this, we have the 33% that is more like 15%, and we are going into 60+ maps for one Awakener fight. This is simply wrong. We could reliably farm Elder with 9-10 map intervals and it was fine, and it was not bad for neither the game or economy. Now we have 50-60+ maps intervals, this is not fun.
High Garden still crashing.
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DuffmU wrote:
Thank you, working so hard even 2 weeks after teh launch. Best devs on this planet!

Oh, if the release was not a complete disaster like it was, nobody would have to skip Christmas to make the patches. Unfortunately, new league on top of new expansion is still really buggy, which means someone has to work on it. Do, yeah, “thank you” is due but “best devs on this planet” would never let all that stuff to happen, and proper internal testing would eliminate most of this mess.
memory leak not fixed
did you fix the guardians not spawning in the atlas? I spent 10 hours today trying to do that
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Fps drops to 8 after 5 minutes of gameplay, then i open passive tree - fps drops to 2.
what about no masters spawning in maps ever?
Just got my first EYE after 100 maps, nice patch, thank you.
Timezone: GMT +10 (Australia). CASUAL player but I play whenever I can.

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