[3.9] Paragon of Death CI Occultist Death Aura/Blight

Hi Lads and guys, I play death oath builds heavily since 3.6 and dont understand ur build after all... I Think, its my personal opinion CI Oath is dead since Occultist got his huge ES ascendancy nerf.
My expirience is based on HC where survivability are the most neccessary thing.
I Play this league a lifebased Eldritch Battery Occultist with tricurse Blasphemer +Discipline, aspect of spider and flesh and stone with up to 5,5k (6 are possible) life at lvl 90 and around 2k es. Atm i have allelopathys but i Think good rare Gloves with vaal blight should be the better one! The good side of Enfeeble Temporal chains and despair is ure pretty safe, and with windshriek Boots u got a free hexmaster. Devouring Diadem for the curses and impresence with allocate "corruption" (its a cheap chaos damage boost) are the mandatory Items! I kill Metas till T9 pretty quick without alot trouble except some mods where i got killed this league ;) Metas can be very annoying lol.
This is a very good idea. Since there is no mandatory helm Devouring Diadem can be easily included which will give 20% reduced mana reservation which will open enough mana for discipline which will bring the build up to ~7500ES.
Or in my case (because I don't need Eldrich battery) Heretic's veil does the same job.

Personally I play on softcore so I cannot comment on how good the defenses are on hardcore with my build but I have no struggles on Softcore at all.

I did some changes and this is what the tree and items look now: https://pastebin.com/j8suqb6P
Resistances are not capped but that can be done while actually gearing a character since they vary on what's available on the market
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Hey, u cant use Devouring Diadem if ure a CI Build, your Energy shield switchs to the Mana and protect it instead ur Life :) The Key is to be Lifebased with Mind over Matter and still reserve your whole Manapool with Auras and get MOM Protected by your ES. You can look at my profile, its public. My Res are all capped, chaos is atm by 69% on Mapping. Iam currently lvl 73, need about 12 lvl to complete the build and another shield and gloves+vaalblight for the additional -20% chaosres. Then take a look at my char again ;)

magna eclipse or ahn's heritage are good cheap armor options for huge phys reduction boost and elemental protecting(1000 ele shield or +3max res). With a flasksuffix which Doubles ur armor u can get like 10k armor in heavy fights. With tukuhama and Solaris u can "facetank" pretty well and Spam Blight. But iam unsure about the onslaught effect on the shield.... 2 waste jewelslots are possible to reduce max frenzycharges to get 20% cast attack and movementspeed.
Facetank is pseudo, ure just able to tank a big Hit in trouble situations... ure no jugger:p
U need still phys reduction cause ure close to enemies to channel Blight.

just my actually Death oath Philosophy ;)

Hope it helps someone...

and Aspect of the spider is one of the heaviest Upgrades!!! Together with Temporal Chains u slowdown so awesome!! even many mapbosses! and the increase damage taken per spider Web is a Big Deal. dont forget: increase damage taken is a multiplier effect, not additional like increased damage.

Better then Breath of Council is a selfcrafted Wand with T1 chaos damage over time multiplier free prefix for chaosdamage craft and if u go spiritual aid a minion damage prefix to get huge damageboost for ur Aura!

Death Oath is still a good build, even in 3.9 ;)

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I agree on the Diadem. That's why in the updated PoB I used heretic's veil to achieve mostly the same effect.

Life based is probably better now. CI is just a personal preference.
I have been using this build for a long time already, trying to tweak my character from time to time

Here is what my character looks like at the moment
Death Aura Chaos Damage over time 55389 (without charges or flasks) DPS is increased by frenzy charges generated by poacher's mark (just 4 frenzy charges including the extra on gloves)
Energy Shield 7319


Death Aura's Chaos Damage per Second 48792 using (99% Chaos Damage)

Death Aura's Chaos Damage per Second 50383 using (49% Chaos Damage & 16% Chaos Damage Multiplier)

(Random multimod crafted weapon will do more Chaos Damage over time than Breath of the Council)

Death Aura's Chaos Damage per Second 55389 using (87% Chaos Damage & 20% Chaos Damage Multiplier & 23% Damage over Time)





Chest Plate






Passive Tree, Ascendancy and Pantheom

Tree at Level 92

Void Beacon
Profane Bloom
Withering Pressence
Vile Bastion

Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Ralakesh

From Orlando, FL, U.S.
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I make Trickster with life,MoM and Eldrichc
can you see, and give me help more upgrade
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How did you ever get 180 str? I'm currently trying to follow this to the T, and just hit lvl 62, but have 25 str...
Death's Oath gives around 50 str (and other stats) so you may equip a piece of jewelry just to put it on and then swap it out. Other than that I have a bunch of strength on my jewelry in the first place - 40 str on my ring and 64 str on my amulet so in total I get around 150 str from these 3 things.
Don't be too worried about not reaching the required strength before you an actually equip death's oath or maybe slightly later since it will be around that time that you will be gathering the rest of the equipment as well. You may also get some strength on your belt or gloves (watch out for socket colours tho' in this case) or even jewels. Another way of getting some strength early is annoitment - just annoint Beef and you get another 30. In the end however you will want to limit the ammount of sources of strength and just make those that you have really strong - which is why in my case I only use it on my amulet and ring.

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