[3.9] Journey of Carrotizer's Self-cast Ice Nova Asssassin | MoM 8k+ EHP |

Previous builds:
3.7 Legion: Divine Ire/Vaal Arc Inquisitor (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2610732)

Hello exiles,

This is my second build guide/log. I'm updating this after Delirium has started, but before I move around gears to try a build in Standard.
You can check out the playthrough videos and stream here:

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Carrotizer
Metamorph videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzbZ0ch_fwPgTdocslEkoiZfRO2PdeiYG
* Includes Shaper, Elder, Uber Elder, A8 Sirus, T16 Blighted Maps, T16 4x sextant map clears

Why Ice Nova + Frostbolt?

Why Assassin?

Can do all content, minus reflect, including:
* A8 Sirus, Uber Elder, Shaper, Elder, all guardians & elder guardians, blighted map

Build & Gear:
Path of Building Pastebin link @ lv 98: https://pastebin.com/Y81GUi8D
Offense (vs Shaper, less effective Assassin's Mark):
* Average hit DPS: 156847.1
* Total DPS: 696849.4 (need to check if this factors in Greater Spell Echo!)
* Effective crit chance with Diamond Flask: 90.49% (69.16% without)
* Crit multi: 486%
* 4.44 casts per second

* Life: 4979, with Mind over Matter
* Inc life from tree: 172%
* Mana: 2773, unreserved: 2439
* ES: 1099 (60% ES increased from tree)
* Chaos resistance with Atziri's Promise: 76% (capped at 75%)
* Block chance: 18%
* Attack dodge chance: 5%

Gear & gem links (updated 2020/03/17):

Pledge of Hand: Vaal Ice Nova - Awakened Spell Echo - Intensify - Hypothermia - Awakened Controlled Destruction - Awakened Cold Penetration

Carcass Jack: Frostbolt - Faster Casting - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark - Frostbite - Culling Strike

My Carcass Jack didn't poof! The +2 Curse gem mattered a lot because I was able to do triple curse with lv 3 Awakened Curse on Hit. Unfortunately, better-rolled and 28% quality 6L Carcass Jack poofed the 2nd time.

Helmet: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (lv 7) - Summon Lightning Golem

Ice Nova damage enchant is better, but AoE is fine. Damage enchant costs so much more so I didn't bother with it.

Amulet & Rings:
Amulet: The Pandemonius. Short of a Mirror-tier Amulet, Pandemonius does it all; damage, resistance, and blind (since we don't invest heavily into evasion and rather utilize Mind over Matter, we can "maximize" the 50% less chance to hit :)).
I first assumed "resistance" catalyst would increase penetration, but "elemental damage" catalyst actually affects it.

Upgrade to Mark of the Shaper + Elder Essence Worm for massive spell damage bonus.
Use Zealotry in Essence Worm

Gloves: Immortal Call (lv 3) - Cast when Damage Taken (lv 1) - Increased Duration - Enfeeble (lv 5)
Fingerless Silk Glove is the best for the implicit.

I bought a ilvl 86 Fingerless Silk Glove with Temple Puhuarte mod for I think 3 ex IIRC. I annuled dex suffix luckily, blocked attack mod and used Hunter's Exalted Orb to get unnerve prefix, bench-crafted life prefix and Leo slammed life regen :(

These gloves are as good as they can be in a temp league with the temple mod.

Belt: Fossil craft (which has been nerfed now) your own Stygian Vise.

I bought a similar but slightly better Stygian Vise and slammed Hunter's Exalted Orb and got T2 life and used the rest of the league:

Boots: Ideally Str/int Two-Toned boots for socket colors. As an Assassin, you don't need Elusive mod, but Tailwind is very good to have.

I bought these Temple dodge boots for 25c and worn them pretty much the whole league. Bought Tailwind boots for 6.5 ex at the end of the league.


I keep going back and forth between Bubbling and Seething, but I think Seething is better -- Atziri's Promise's leech and Consecrated Ground's regen provide regen, but Seething gives you more burst.

Atziri's Promise: Chaos resist is great, damage bonus is great, leech is great.

This build cannot sustain mana without Enduring mana flask.
4.77 casts/second * 154 per cast ~= 735 mana used/second.

Diamond Flask gets effective critical strike chance up to 95.5%

Alchemist's Quicksilver of Adrenaline for max movespeed.

Passive tree:

Release weekend:
I saw sub-1hr A5 Kitava video and tried out Stormblast Mine league this time.

I didn't quite get used to Detonate Mines, but the skill felt very fast and powerful damage-wise, especially with nearby Mine nodes around Shadow.
I made several mistakes in the leveling process:

1. I first rushed to travel to Templar area to grab AoE nodes, elemental damage, and life nodes. I then took Elemental Overload keystone, but Elemental Overload doesn't trigger off of traps/mines, so I had to manually trigger it with Orb of Storms.
2. I didn't grab 3 Notables in Clever Construction wheel until around lv 70. I probably should have rushed to get these and then move to Templar, because Witch area doesn't give much bonus compared to the number of stat points you have to spend to get there early on.

Once in Blood Aqueduct, I ran it for experience and Humility/Vanity cards for until mid-70. I bought the 9th Vanity card, sold Humility cards at 2.5c, and got +1 socketed gem Tabula from Vanity! It sold for 100c later.

First exalt drop, got 2-soc Tombfist that I got from 1st Lich (wow HP/res buff is real!) which sold for 160c. Good start!

Got second exalt drop. Fossil crafted belt ilvl85 Stygian Vise with Prismatic, Pristine, Metallic. I got lucky on first try and got this:

* Buying fossils is still pretty painful, but infinitely better than having an AH ruin the game...

It took me exactly 14 hours (13 hr 58 min) to complete 10 acts + 3 Labrynths.

Gear prices:

Bought 6L Pledge of Hands
: 6 ex + 20C + 40 alch + 20 regal (penniless after this purchase, but it's a giant upgrade)
Sold a Shaper steel ring for 1 exalt in the first week.
Bought Watcher's Eye for 2 Exalt
Sold 10% crit chance Frozen Trail for 80c
Bought Cannot be Hindered Frozen Trail for 10c
Paid 5 ex + 60c + 30 alch for perfect Pandemonius

Sold 6L Femur of the Saints (that I almost vendored for a Divine...) for 3.5 ex.
55c for 24 aoe helmet with life mana tri res

25c for dodge boots

Sold fossil crafted belt (T1 life, 45+ res, 40% weapon ele, delve ele damage mod, 1 open prefix I think) for 1 ex + 210c

Near perfect Mark of the SHaper (2% off spell damage, 1% off ES) for 3 ex 55c

Bought Elder Essence Worm for 11 ex + 60c

Build guide compilation: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2869658
Delirium, Metamorph, Legion, Betrayal, Abyss: 40/40
Breach: 36/40 D:
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Build guide compilation: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2869658
Delirium, Metamorph, Legion, Betrayal, Abyss: 40/40
Breach: 36/40 D:
https://pastebin.com/4scmSNX0 lol if the totems poison inflict affects but i think yes so dps is true...
Ziurkesas wrote:
https://pastebin.com/4scmSNX0 lol if the totems poison inflict affects but i think yes so dps is true...

Totem's poison? What build does that link to?

Updated gear & gem links.
Build guide compilation: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2869658
Delirium, Metamorph, Legion, Betrayal, Abyss: 40/40
Breach: 36/40 D:

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