[3.7] Journey of Carrotizer's Disintegrator Divine Ire Inquisitor || EB MoM 7.4k EHP || 4.1m+/Beam

Hello, this is my first build guide & a log of how Legion league has been going.

40/40 done!

Gameplay video:
T16 Elder Beach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmHZ1914lVE

Currently under construction / in progress!

Next action items:
Gear upgrade:
* Aisling / Leo slam gloves or body armour. Leo slam boots.
* 21/23 Increased Duration
* 21/23 Controlled Destruction

* 28% quality Gloves / Boots with Hillock
* 26% Diamond Flask & Atziri flask

Completed items:

* Temple double corrupt (grr...RNG)
** 2019/08/07: finally got Locus of Corruption!!
* 1k+ Atlas tier completion
* 1 Perandus transaction
* Get a Devouring Diadem with Divine Ire enchant [DONE, 6 ex for 40% damage]
** Replaced with cold res, 15% beam width for 6.5 ex. Fire res was way too overcapped, so cold res is a pretty valuable plus there.
* 28% quality chest via Hillock
* Get Inspired Learning if last end-game grind is emblems.

Why Divine Ire?
I enjoy playing spellcaster builds; they are reminiscent of Sorceress from Diablo 2. I didn't play during Synthesis League, so I missed out on the "Spellcaster League", and wanted to try Divine Ire after watching few videos and build guides. I tried it for few days during Synthesis Flashback in preparation for Legion, and enjoyed it enough to go with Divine Ire (barring massive changes in the patch note, but Divine Ire was not changed).

Why Inquisitor & Disintegrator?
Once I decided on Divine Ire, I narrowed the classes down to 3: Elementalist for ignite build, Inquisitor and Trickster for conversion build.
Elementalist got nerfed pretty hard, so that left Inquisitor or Trickster.

I decided to go with Inquisitor because 1) I was much more familiar with leveling tree of spellcaster Templar, and 2) Trickster was nerfed. Given that I wasn't sure if Disintegrator would be my best-in-slot weapon, I decided to go with Inquisitor.
In retrospect, I think Trickster is overall a more solid ascendancy even after nerf, but Inquisitor goes better with Disintegrator.

Pros & Cons:

* You can actually erase things out of existence in one shot, and it will be the most satisfying laser-discharging you'll ever do!
* Minimal gear requirement to get going in maps -- a single 6L + Disintegrator will carry you throughout the whole endgame.
* Extremely fast leveling with Heralds & Storm Brand, and smooth transition into Divine Ire.
* Superb regeneration & leech, in addition to Devouring Diadem procs. Devouring Diadem cleans up corpses automatically, and crits can shatter them easily anyway.
* Can do all bosses* (but see note on Atziri)
** Deathless Uber Elder
** Can kill guardians with 1 charged up beam
* Disintegrator buffs EVERYTHING, including:
** Flame Dash & Holy Flame Totem
** Commandment from glove enchant
** Volatile Anomaly from Mark of the Shaper
** ...and most importantly, Vaal Arc -- 5-link Vaal Arc clears 1-shots everything.
* Sick kamehameha wave.
Benefits of Inquisitor:
Inquisitor grants immunity from elemental ailments on consecrated ground, and consecrated ground effect is practically permanent.
Inquisitor + Zealotry + Watcher's Eye mod also grants you more or less permanent Arcane Surge (10% more spell damage & 10% cast speed)

* Cannot do either physical or elemental reflect -- Flame Dash/Vaal Arc will instantly kill you
** Atziri's 2% reflect is often lethal for charged up beams -- I had to kill Temple/Uber Atziri with splash damage and move around a lot
* The beam isn't scalable by AoE -- helm enchant is the only way to widen it, and as such, the coverage can feel narrow at times.

Current Gear (last updated 2019/08/01)

Slotting 5 Flasks for the Build

Need 1 for Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline (pay the premium on 30% roll -- it will pay dividends over the league!)
Need 1 for Seething/Bubbling Divine Life Flask (my personal preference is Bubbling, to potentially give slightly longer bleed immunity while still providing instant heal)

Options for remaining 3 slots:
Atziri's Promise
Diamond Flask
Cinderswallow Urn
Taste of Hate

The best 2 among these IMHO are:
Atziri's Promise
Diamond Flask provides a huge effective boost in critical chance (between 20% and 25% effective critical strike chance) and provides 2nd suffix. Poison immunity would be nice to have, but not as needed as curse immunity and bleed immunity
Given the slotted gear, chaos resist from Atziri's Promise is valuable, and plus, Divine Ire already has lots of conversion (see PoE wiki on conversion mechanic)

Between Divine Life Flask and Diamond Flask, we need 1) curse immunity (suffix, of Warding) and 2) bleed immunity (suffix, of Staunching)
Whichever suffix goes on the life flask will have shorter duration often (when flask effect expires due to full life), so we want curse immunity on Diamond Flask.

Note that Inquisitor's Pious Path ascendancy node grants chill/freeze-proof with consecrated ground, so we don't need freeze immunity flask ("of Heat" suffix)!

So at this point, we have:

For Diamond Flask, any prefix but Avenger's works. Note that you cannot have Surgeon's prefix on Diamond flasks.

For the last slot, remaining candidates are:
* Cinderswallow Urn (combo with Devouring Diadem) or
* Taste of Hate

I decided to go with Taste of Hate because:
1) there are alternate sources of Onslaught
2) cold and (more importantly) physical damage mitigation, given our lack of armour.
3) Extra cold damage conversion is also a bonus (additional bonus from Hatred buff)
[link Abyss Jewel]

In the end, we have:

Slotting Gears to Grind


* ~500 (average) physical damage added to spells: this mod is the main reason to use Disintegrator. This also applies to Vaal Arc, Holy Flame Totem, Flame Dash, and any Commandment enchants on your gloves, as well as Volatile Anomaly from Mark of the Shaper.
* Gain 4% of non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage & ~15 physical damage to spell per Siphoning charge: since this build already dips into conversion mechanic (base physical to lightining + support, then bunch of gain % of physical as [fire/cold/lightning]), these mods boost the damage significantly as this mod is applied each time per type conversion.
* 1% additional physical damage reduction from hits & 0.2% life leech per Siphoning Charge: note that physical damage reduction from hits does not mitigate the damage over time from Siphoning Charges.
* +1 maximum Siphing Charge per equipped Elder/Shaper item & 25% chance to gain a Siphoning Charge when you use a skill: note that continuing channeling does not grant Siphoning Charge (it's considered 1 use of the skill), but each Flame Dash cast counts for this.
* 150 physical damage per second per Siphoning Charge if you used a skill recently: the main drawback and problem to solve with other gears/passives. Unlike normal Eldritch Battery that does not stop ES recharge, this is damage and does stop natural ES recharge. Here are some numbers, ignoring any sources of physical reduction:
Inquisitor's Pious Path grants more or less permanent 200 ES per second regeneration.
At 5 Siphoning Charges, this deals 750 physical damage per second (armour does NOT mitigate physical damage over time) before any other sources of damage reduction. Mind over Matter makes this 225 ES damage per second, or 25 ES damage per second on top of the regeneration.
At 6 Siphoning Charges, this ES damage increases to 270 ES damage per second, or 70 ES damage per second on top of the regeneration.
With Devouring Diadem, Mark of the Shaper + 1 Elder Ring, Shaper/Elder amulet, Stygian Vise/Headhunter, and Disintegrator itself locked in, this build has 4 Siphoning Charges. I've got 5th charge from Shaper gloves (picked up ilvl 84+ Shaper silk gloves for 30c, then chaos spammed until I got 3x life/ES prefixes with T1 cold res, and got +1 mana per kill on my Exalt slam...). I recommend 5 charges; 6th charge is not needed and may be inconvenient between packs.
Devouring Diadem particularly shines here as it periodically refills ES while traveling between packs if you happen to suffer a burst of damage and depletes ES.
Overall, Disintegrator practically allows you to run both 7L Divine Ire AND 7L Vaal Arc at the cost of forfeiting natural ES recharge that Devouring Diadem would otherwise help grant during combat.


* ES-base: ~180 ES is certainly not the highest for helm slot, but it's decent ES value for all the other unique, irreplaceable mods it provides.
* Eldritch Battery: this saves about 5 passive points, and indirectly boosts other stats through those saved passive points.
* Feast of Flesh: brings you to full life & ES every 5 seconds, and is a huge survivability boost. You are Vaal Detonate Dead proof if you're feasting on the corpses! This also enables running "60% less regeneration" maps without much inconvenience.
* 20% reduced mana reservation & +1 level to socketed gems: 20% reduction perfectly allows you to reserve 125% worth of mana, which happens to be 2x 50% aura and a Herald! This leaves 1 gem slot for lv 4 Enlighten (lv 5 when socketed). Note that lv 21 Hatred provides same buff effect as lv 22 Hatred.
* 10% energy shield recharge to start: unfortunately, with Siphoning Charges active (these deal DoT damage), ES recharge is immediately stopped, so this mod isn't that useful.
* Veiled mod: there aren't many useful veiled mods other than resistance. Get the T1 resistance for 15% chaos and 15% fire/cold/lightning resistance.
Unfortunately, this helm does not provide any life bonus, so other gears will have to make up here.

Ring #1:

* 25% increased elemental damage implicit: this is very slightly worse than "increased spell damage" or "increased physical damage" (bonus chaos damage from physical portion from Atziri flask won't be affected), but still a great implicit.
* 20% chance to spawn Volatile Anomaly on kill: all your damage buffs (including flat physical damage from Disintegrator) scale the "hit" damage, so these do .
* ~80% increased spell damage if other ring is Elder: main reason for this ring, combined with life & es. Rare ring with multiple T1 mods will perform better, but this ring
* 10% life and 10% ES: fantastic stats. Prior to switching to Mark of the Shaper, I was using Temple mod Coral ring that granted ~110 flat life and 5% increased life along with some ES and resistance. It's hard to beat Guatelitzi mod ring in terms of life, but Mark of the Shaper is a well-rounded all-star.
* Flat lightning damage to spells: more damage!
Note that while this ring provides both amazing damage and excellent amount of life, it grants 0% resistance. Since Devouring Diadem grants very little resistance, this is starting to dictate what other gears will look like.

Ring #2: any Elder ring that fills out remaining resist & gives life
With Devouring Diadem, Disintegrator, and Mark of the Shaper ring granting no resistance (the Diadem can give 15% to single element+ 15% chaos), the resistances (especially if you want to raise chaos resistance a bit) can be hard to come by.
Non-unique gears will have to pull its weight in defense. I don't have additional curse mod on my chest armour, so


I fossil-crafted a Stygian Vise, used it until I acquired a Headhunter, and sold the Stygian Vise for 3 Exalts. Early on, fossil-crafting Stygians can net you nice profit if the crafted belt isn't exactly what you need.

I turned in 1 Doctor + 56 Nurse cards for my Headhunter. I would approximate total cost of farming up by 1 Nurse at a time ASAP adding up to 70 to 80 ex when I got the last card. For reference, I bought my first (and only) Doctor card at 4 Exalts.


Any Shaper or Elder with 2x conversion mods. Agate base is ideally best for life and ES bonus.
To clarify, I'm referring to any (Gain #% of physical damage as [elemental damage] or gain #% of non-chaos damage as chaos damage) as a conversion mod.
I bought mine for 6 Exalts:


Bought the Shaper base @ 30c, Chaos spammed until life + ES + T1 res (probably just under ~1 Exalt in total cost). Bricked on Leo lv 3 slam :(
Ideally, the Shaper gloves would have Faster Casting support mod (Blind support mod would be nice too) to save a gem socket (can use Enhance lv 4 on Flame Dash for faster cooldown or Multiple Totem support on Holy Flame Totem that way), but high life & ES with T1 resistance are too good to roll over, and are what I was primarily looking for.


Gem set-up:
6L #1: Divine Ire - Infused Channeling - Energy Leech - Increased Critical Strikes - Controlled Destruction - Physical to Lightning

6L #2: Vaal Arc - Less Duration -

Aura/Buffs in Devouring Diadem: Hatred - Zealotry - Herald of Ash - Enlighten

CwDT set-up: Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Enfeeble

Movement set-up & Etc: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Summon Stone Golem - Holy Flame Totem
* Ideally, Shaper gloves has Faster Casting support mod, but my Exalt slam got +1 mana on kill :(

Skill choices:
Q: Why Enlighten?
A: Devouring Diadem lets you "reserve" 125% mana with the 20% reduced mana reservation mod, but you mana pool becomes 0. Since we're using Eldritch Battery/Mind over Matter combination, extra pool of unreserved mana serves as additional HP/mana pool. Plus, we're actually making use of mana regeneration if it ever gets to that point :)

Q: Why Hatred over Wrath? Why Herald of Ash over other Heralds?

Passive Tree
Path of Building @ level 98 with Inspired Learning: https://pastebin.com/rBbC2G2r
Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/Wg5cBYcC @ level 97

Ascendancy & leveling order: Sanctuary --> Pious Path --> Righteous Providence --> Inevitable Judgment

* Soul of Lunaris:
** 1% physical damage reduction & 1% movement speed per nearby enemy, up to 8%: movespeed is great, and this physical damage reduction also applies to Disintegrator degeneration. Given that this build has practically no armour, physical damage reduction stats are high priority.
** +10% chance to avoid projectile: I think of this as +10% projectile resistance
** +5% chance to dodge attack & spell if you've been hit recently: similar to above.
** Avoid projectile that have chained: with totem and golem, chain mod in maps can be lethal, and this makes you immune to those.
* Soul of Ralakesh (25% physical DoT reduced): sustaining with 5th Siphoning Charge is much more comfortable with this.

Bandit: Alira. +15% all elemental resistance is incredibly useful since this build uses Mark of the Shaper, Devouring Diadem, and no shield (and no resistance from belt if you are using Headhunter). +20% crit multiplier is excellent, and flat mana regeneration is fantastic when leveling too.

My Atlas is 158/158 with Elder Beach.

Leveling / rushing to map:
I debated between leveling with Arc Totem or Storm Brand. After reading Legion patch note, Storm Brand's "nerf" wasn't really a nerf at all, so it was an easy decision to level with Storm Brand.
* Once you get to Blood Aquaduct, farm for Humility/Vanity cards while leveling. I think I leveled to ~70ish before buying actually buying Vanity cards.

Leveling Skill Tree:
* Grab the life in the center of Templar area, and you should be set for a while especially with Coral Rings. Grab the elemental damage notables in Templar center area, then head over to Elemental Overload. Head over to Witch area, grabbing Explosive Runes for leveling. I personally get the flask nodes in Witch area ASAP (faster & longer Quicksilver), then
* Once you switch over from Storm Brand to Divine Ire, you'll get back several skill points from Explosive Runes (and Elemental Overload if you gear's decent). Use the burst of skill points to get to Shadow area -- getting to Shadow area is usually the annoying part because it takes a lot of +10 int points, and there aren't many intermediate notables. Once you do get to Shadow area, do gobble up all 9 notables first and you can fill out rest of the tree at your convenience.

Rough order of progress:
Frostbolt, then get Flame Totem
Get Storm Brand ASAP.
In act 2, grab triple Herald: of Thunder, of Ice, and of Purity.
Level with Storm Brand + triple Heralds until Divine Ire.

Constructive feedback & questions are always welcome. I'm still creating & filling out sections -- if you have a suggestion for format/new section, please let me know. Thanks!

Guides I've read before starting Legion:
Divine Ire Trickster: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2459778
Build guide compilation: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2869658
Ritual, Harvest, Delirium, Metamorph, Legion, Betrayal, Abyss 40/40
Breach: 36/40 D:
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Build guide compilation: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2869658
Ritual, Harvest, Delirium, Metamorph, Legion, Betrayal, Abyss 40/40
Breach: 36/40 D:
Build guide compilation: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2869658
Ritual, Harvest, Delirium, Metamorph, Legion, Betrayal, Abyss 40/40
Breach: 36/40 D:
Can you upload a video playing in maps?
Idont like divines ire gameplay style at all so...
Can you be more specific about why you think Divine Ire isn't appealing?

I added clip of Elder Beach. Not sure how to set OBS to have clearer quality (changing bitrate didn't help unfortunately) at the moment. Anyway, maybe this will change your mind about trying out Divine Ire :)

Build guide compilation: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2869658
Ritual, Harvest, Delirium, Metamorph, Legion, Betrayal, Abyss 40/40
Breach: 36/40 D:

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