[3.9 HCSSF] Dominating Blow Jugg (Rolling through T14-16 Maps, No unfarmable gear needed)

Random extra stats. In ssf, take what we can find.
DOM Blow as a Jugg VS say Necro, still able to do all end game bosses?
Why aren't you running at least Flesh and Stone (in sand stance)? The extra mitigation would probably be huge and might help your minions stay alive.
What spectre did you use as a 3rd? Is there another that buffs minions or for a curse?
I believe I just doubled one of the Chieftains. There will be many, many new spectres to explore in delirium, so anything I post this moment will be instantly out of date tomorrow. We'll see what looks good.

As to Flesh and stone--try it if you like and see if it is better than having the mana there for MOM. I don't have a clear answer to that one.
The unholy might from grave intentions node doesn't work with brutality right?

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