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What's This Build About?

Hello, everyone welcome to my 3.9 build guide for my skeleton MI build utilizing cheap uniques while having fun burning the bosses for this tough league. This build provides a fun minion playstyle along with great defenses, allowing us to take down the tough bosses this league hassle free.

Path of Building:

Videos of the Build:
Coming Soon

Change Log:
11/21/19: I decided to tweek the build better suited for damage, maligaro's lens will provide us with a quick explosion on our minions, if you dont choose to go this route then I will leave the old POB open, just understand that quicker we explode the better our overall damage is. I've also updated the POB with 2 set ups, a koam's set up and the original skin of the loyal set up. feel free to choose those layouts for both the skills and the item sets. Game play soon, caught up in my bleed bow glad currently.



+ cheap (all of our uniques are based on 1 alch to 1c uniques (they get cheaper as the league progresses due to low demand)
+ beginner friendly
+ fast and safe leveler (even with no uniques)
+ moderate to high clear speed
+ tanky (high life and defenses from ASC + minions)
+ fun and different play style from most summoner builds



- minion play style (not for everyone)
- not zooming clear speed (very slow compared to other builds *bows, spectre, ect*)
- management (we have quite a few buttons to press this is a con to those who love their 1 to 2 button builds)





Our main weapon and what the build is based around. This weapon allows us to cover our enemies in Ash as well as providing AOF, more minion damage and the all important more damage to skeletons allowing them to blow up faster. Look for maximum fire damage taken and higher minion damage roll you can find/afford

Our next choice, a solid shield providing defenses and life. It's my personal choice if you feel its too much for you and you dont need the defense. Then you can choose a rare shield or craft a scepter with more minion life + minion damage modifiers

Opional (depending on your play style *better dps in the end*)

We will use Maligaro's Lens this will allow us to allocate Necromantic Aegis, essencially giving all our minions the shield bonus instead of us, this will make our minions burns almost instantly and pop for bigger and faster damage, but it hinders our defense. Choose what your playstyle fits.

Body Armor

Here is our most flexible choice for the build it all depends on what route you can take for the build personally I will be choosing Skin of the Loyal for more gem level + increased defenses this will be the higher budgeted item.

Our next choice can simply be a crafted rare with +max number of skeletons as well as high life and resists if need be.

The last option if you chose to use a crafted helmet with minion damage and minion life gems along with the minion health and damage crafts we can choose to use a solid option such as Kaom's Heart


Rings, Gloves, Boots,

Simple here we want Life, Resistances, Movement Speed, and Dexterity.


1st option:

Simple here we would want a bone helmet with life and resistances.

2nd option (max budget):

Here is where a big amount of currency can be dumped into the build to make it better but also far more expensive.

We want something along the lines of this:


This would be our highest budgeted item in the build next to a Kaom's Heart

Ascendancy, Pantheon, Bandits


1. Mindless Aggression
2. Bone Barrier
3. Unnatural Strength
4. Mistress of Sacrifice



- Soul of Lunaris


- Soul of Ralakesh or Soul of Gruthkul


- Kill All


6 Link Set up
Vaal Summon Skeletons - Infernal Legion - Minion Damage - Minion Life - Combustion - Concentrated Effect

4 Link Spectre (Tankier Option)
Summon Spectre (tankier) - Meat Shield - Elemental Army - Minion Life

4 Link Zombie (More DPS)
Summon Zombie - Meat Shield - Feeding Frenzy - Minion Life

- We summon Undying Evangelist (Act 3 Sceptre of God) or Guardians (Act 10 Ravaged Square)

4 Link Curse
Orb of Storms / Storm Brand / Arc / Ball Lightning - Curse of Hit - Elemental Weakness - Flammability

*Note: Alternatively if you need more defense add Enfeeble or Temporal Chains*

Movement Skills
Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks

CWDT Setup
Cast When Damage Taken - Molten Shell - Desecrate - Bone Offering

Flesh and Stone[Sand Stance] - Summon Skitter Bots

Convocation - Flame Dash

*Note: If you wish to not use Flame Dash to get over walls then you can run a golem like, Stone or Carrion for extra life regen or extra damage*


Thank you for your interest in my build I am always up for suggestions and insight on things to make it better so feel free to leave suggestions and comments!
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Will add leveling Section along with POB trees for leveling, as well as clean up more of the guide in the coming week.
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hey there i really love your build but i have a question: how would my gem links change with a kaoms and the helmet with minion life+ damage?
DerechteDodo wrote:
hey there i really love your build but i have a question: how would my gem links change with a kaoms and the helmet with minion life+ damage?

Sorry for the late reply, if we did a minion damage + minion life helment then we would move basically nothing because it becomes a 6 link still, if you happen to have gotten a helmet that was + to minions we'd also keep that set up. If you don't think you have enough Area damage use increased area of effect for clearing then switch to conc for harder bosses/metamorphs.
Added new POB to reflect my changes check out the change log and change the gear accordingly remember also to change the amulet depending on the tree you choose with maligaro's we want to annoint our amulet with Gravepact (1 azure and 2 black oils) :)
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Thanks for the guide. Is this build certified ethical for ssf?
neovas wrote:
Thanks for the guide. Is this build certified ethical for ssf?

more than likely the sceptre is a common drop, and it's not meta so very ethical
Build looks interesting, was wondering when the gameplay videos will be there so i could check it out.
Also, Do you think this build can do every content of the game? as of uber elder and so on?

nice Build, like it so far. Maybe i try freeze in stead of burn :D

how you doin in league right now?

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