Another 3.9.0c Hotfix

3.9.0c Hotfix Notes
  • Fixed a client crash that could happen when Metamorphs transform after you have used Pestilent Strike on them.
  • Fixed a bug where Zana would not offer a map inside a Legacy map if you had not unlocked her yet.
  • Fixed a bug where the Conquerors could spawn items inside the Watchstone Altar, where they could not be picked up.

You may have to restart your game client to get the first two fixes.
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When we can upgrade a old series map to the new. Im playing Standard
Fixed a bug where Zana would not offer a map inside a Legacy map if you had not unlocked her yet.

This does not fix the fact that she does not grant you a choice of maps when you run her dailies, or find her in the wild past the story requirements.
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"UNNAMED MONSTER COMPONENT" fixed yet? Loving the mechanic but hate when I get blocked because the ONE liver in the zone bugged out
I just hope they sort out the Map Tab Problem, I had 300+ of each map up to tier 12, then it slowly tapered down to lower values as the tiers climbed

Now I barely have any maps, and whats worse is the stupid thing converted them all into 1 or 2 maps within the tiers instead of spreading out the conversion across all maps within the tiers. Even deleted my guardian maps!

...wish I never pushed that damn button.
Under the mine, mining blasting door instant customer service collapse
What about error to load instance. Can't progress past level 6 lol.
I'm still crashing when using Pestilent Strike on a Metamorph boss. Swap to Viper Strike and I'm fine. Are you sure this fix actually made it through?

EDIT: Just to confirm, I restarted the game twice (and a few more times testing the crash) and forced verified the game cache files on Steam in case of any update shenanigans.
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Pestilent strike crash isn't fixed... I'm still crashing while fighting metamorphs with pest strike.
PS still broken ... 1st boss this morning and same result.

Instant crash as soon as the fight started.

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