Crashes, 5700 XT AMD Issue?

Hello, I've crashed 3 times so far in the league, once in the settings menu changing volume, once after killing kuduku and (maybe) spawning thane, and once when thane was manually spawned after killing the faun by navali, my game crashes, computer goes black, nothing respons and I have to restart my pc, every time, this is a huge issue and I can not enjoy the game like this.

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5700xt here, same issue. 2020 Radeon update.

Unironically literally unplayable
Me too, r9 270x , each time Tane appears the game crashes.
glad to see im not the only one, just got a new pc running

amd ryzen 7 3700x
16gb ram
and AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics

for me its right at navali's cage. the second i reach that ledge my screens turn off and sound goes out. event viewer says the amd driver stopped responding and recovered but screen doesnt turn back on.

gotta manually turn pc off and on. and again i log back in and crash again right at that same spot.
I am also experiencing this issue. I had no issue until I reached the climb. No I crash every time The Faun spawns at Navali. AMD 5700xt GPU, AMD3600 CPU.
Same problem.

Starting in Ledge, when Tane appears with 5 body parts (either by auto-appearing or being summoned), I get a GPU crash.

AMD R9 200-series, Windows 7
Same here:
AMD 3700X
Radeon 5700 XT
Adrenaline 2020 (12/12)
Windows 10 Pro (v1909)

Happened with Navali and happens with Thane.
Same here...
Almost every manual/auto thane spawn cause TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) aka Graphics driver stopped responding and has recovered.

Windows 7
R9 270x
Radeon Software 19.9.2 (Adrenaline 2019)

Fix it please :(
Crashing everytime thane spawns

2600+5700 xt
win 10
latest drivers

And it's not a little ctd, i have to reboot my computer...
Also running a 5700 XT, 3700X, 16GB RAM.
Crashed 3 Times until now. Every time when the new NPC tries to spawn on his own. Happened on the Ledge (Act 1 2x) and on The Old Fields (1x). Worked on the maps in between these Areas. Went form 19.11.1 to 19.12.2 Drivers. On the old Driver it crashed my System, now only PoE crashes. Running Windows 1909 latest Updates.

During one crash i had some error mentioning issues with shaders, but i didn't take a screenshot. Will deliver the mentioned error message if it pops up again.


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