[3.9] Zizaran's Essence Drain Trickster Guide

Why do none of these Uniqued show up on paste bin link

-Wanderlust (boots)
-Goldrim (helm)
-Tabula Rasa (body armor)
-Le Heup of All (ring) (level 24)

Are these end game or what's the deal?
Why is there so little replies on this? Odd
Will this be updated for 3.10?
good build
I'm the owner of a different ED-Trickster build as well. Just letting you know that I referenced this thread in my guide, and gave a link to this thread.

I believe it is more suited for beginners than my guide, and should help players who aren't necessarily seeking to push the absolute endgame.
Mine is more of an explanation of how to scale your character past yellow maps and scale damage/tankyness into the highest tiers of content.

If you want me to not link this thread in mine, please contact me on my thread or via DM. Sorry for the inconvenience if you feel like this is intrusive.

Gl hf in delirium!
Hello ziz,

is it worth making spreading rot work fully?(put two more int in location where you put it)
heyho, thanks for the build!
What's the reason for having despait on hit for the wand? Based on what i read and see it affects only the mob hit by ed nad doesn't spread.
For bosses i can cast manually lvl 20 instead of lvl 10 from wand. Anything i am missing?

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