[3.9] About Average SRS Summoner Guardian :: Something different, beginner-friendly, league starter

Hey guys, I'm about average and this is my first build guide. SRS is a really fun skill that just got a handy update in 3.9 and I wanted to make a build around it that wasn't your standard, boring old Necromancer. This build is really budget and beginner friendly, only using one unique and one 6-link. We're using Spectres and Zombies in this build for an all-around summoner package, focusing on SRS as our main skill.

It's not the tankiest or highest DPS build, but I hope this build interests someone, and any & all criticism is welcome and appreciated. Thanks, guys!

Path of Building:: https://pastebin.com/q1b1aYD1

I have no gameplay videos yet, I will update if I am able to record some.

Pros & Cons

+ Decent DPS
+ Budget
+ Beginner-Friendly
+ League Start-Friendly
+ Easy to level
+ Lots of children

- Not a meta main skill
- Not the meta ascendancy
- Hard to invest into late game
- Probably can't do phys reflect
- Can't do no-regen


Leveling should be pretty straight-forward once you get SRS. The Path of Building file has passive tree goals for each act and the skill gems are easy to pick up.

The following sections cover when to pick up new gems, not guides on how to advance through the acts.

Pick up Frostbolt (or your preference) after Hillock in Lioneye's Watch.

After reaching The Submerged Passage, return to town and buy Summon Raging Spirits and Raise Zombie from Nessa.

After reaching Prisoner's Gate, return to Lioneye's Watch and buy Flame Dash, Minion Damage Support and Melee Splash Support from Nessa.

After killing The Weaver, return to The Forest Encampment and choose either Melee Physical Damage or Faster Casting as your reward and buy the other one from Yeena.

After beating Piety in the Crematorium, return to The Sarn Encampment and buy Anger and Convocation from Clarissa.

Once you reach The Imperial Gardens, find The Archives and do the quest 'A Fixture of Fate'. After completing this quest you can buy the following Gems from Siosa: Feeding Frenzy Support, Meat Shield Support, Fortify Support, and Blood and Sand.

NOTE: If you are having issues buying the gems, you must have the currency on you.

After beating Voll, return to Highgate and talk to Oyun. Choose Summon Carrion Golem as your quest reward.

After beating Malachai, return to Highgate and choose Multistrike Support as your quest reward and then buy another Multristrike Support from Petarus and Vanja.

After reaching Act 6 immediately do the 'Fallen from Grace' quest and pick up the remainder of your gems from lily, which are the following:

Solar Guard Spectre Package (My Preference)
Raise Spectre - Minion Life Support - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction
Slave Driver Spectre Package (Recommended)
Raise Spectre - Minion Life Support - Spell Echo - Elemental Focus

CWDT Package
Cast When Damage Taken - Molten Shell - Increased Duration Support

Hatred and Haste - You won't be able to use these till later in the game, but having them socketed in gear will level them up even if you're not actively using them.


This build only has one unique item required, which is Victario's Influence - it's super cheap and you only need a 2-link for your travel skill, not even needing it to be 6-socket until post-act 10 gameplay, when you pick up some reduced mana reservation nodes on the tree. The rest of the gear is generic Life and Elemental Resistance gear, with the most expensive being the 6-link weapon and +1 to minion gem helmet.

You can also use a Tavukai, Coral Amulet once they're showing up on the market, but I'm not sure how it will be with our passive tree - I will be testing it in Metamorph.

You can also use Command of the Pit if you find a way to make room for the abyssal socket, but I don't think they're super necessary or good.

Finally, with our weapon, we only really want 3 or 4 mods in particular, which should be easy enough to fossil craft using Bound, Faceted and Perfect Fossils. Do note that Faceted fossils are super expensive most of the time and a big gamble, but a Bound & Perfect craft is entirely enough for our 6-Link weapon.

Gem Links

Summon Raging Spirits 6-Link
Summon Raging Spirit, Feeding Frenzy Support, Minion Damage, Melee Physical Damage Support, Melee Splash Support, Multistrike Support

Blood and Sand, Anger, Hatred, Haste

Travel Skill 2-Link
Flame Dash, Faster Casting

Spectres - Solar Guards
Raise Spectre, Minion Life, Spell Echo, Controlled Destruction

Spectres - Slave Drivers
Raise Spectre, Minion Life, Spell Echo, Elemental Focus

CWDT Setup
Cast When Damage Taken, Molten Shell, Increased Duration

Other Gems
Convocation, Summon Carrion Golem


I will update this section if there are any questions.


Thank you to Aziire for helping me edit this build and learn how to post on the forums. You can find his Twitch here and his YouTube here. He uploads really comprehensive and amazing builds, so please check him out - you can find those here. Thanks!

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The path of building link isn't working.
grimlock9999 wrote:
The path of building link isn't working.

I can confirm that it does work, it's on your end.
Lol. You must work in Tech support.

The Path of Building starts on the Levelling Tree. Can be confusing, change the tree in the bottom left. Otherwise the pastebin seemed to work for me.
I have updated it so that the PoB starts on the fully-leveled End Game tree.
Can confirm the POB works fine, really looking forward to league starting this, thanks!
Glad you like it :)
So what ascendancy would you recommend?

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