Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas Gem Information

So many gems got awakened version, which begs the question why some are missing. Bleed and impale gem for one, and maybe others. I don't see the point of being inconsistent with this mechanic at the expense of niche builds that won't be played now because of a 30% power loss of these gems.
-0.05 second cd of seals and -3% less damage to unleash feels like joke, especially when 21lvl regular unleash gets -0.01sec and -1% compared to 20lvl gem. Can you undo numerical changes and just add 1 seal at least? Some cool additional mechanics would be even better but u r busy guys i know...

the prophecy once named trash to treasure can switch back :D

good luck in da league!
21/20 Elemental hit + awakened added fire + awakened added lightning + awakened added cold damage + frostferno (+2 lvl corruption) + avatar of fire =
21+1+1+1+2+2+2 = lvl 30
Elemental hit 30 = 1443 to 2680 fire dmg, then you add gems damage, then you add gems quality increase, lvl 30 cold to fire from frostferno and convert others damage from the base dmg with avatar of fire

Won't this deal ALOT of damage with the plus 3 levels from the awakened gems, even with some damage nerf from the skill?
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Where's the arc buff? '-' /miss
super job gg ggg
Lets go 21 hours!!!

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