Get the Divine Arcane Portal and Holy Eyes Free With Twitch Prime!

I think i stumbled upon a bug, i did not get it even though i claimed all the other three previously flawlessly.
I didn't get it
Yup. There seems to be an issue. I can't get it either.
Yeah, i got the eyes mtx but not the portal.
tl;dr I had to relink my Twitch account to my PoE account.

At first it didn't look like I received the items either. I had to go to the Twitch loot page for the MTX and follow the link on the left to "Link Accounts to Use Loot". This took me to the PoE/Twitch link page and said it was linked to a different account and would I like to link it to this one. I've only ever had 1 PoE account and have other twitch MTX so I don't know why it did this. Once I linked the account again, the divine items showed up, along with the history of my other existing twitch items.

If the poe page asks you to link your account, do it. If it shows a history of Twitch Prime microtransactions, you should be good to go.

Helmet Attachment Name: "Holy Eyes"
Portal Name: "Divine Arcane Portal Effect"
Claimed a few days back but still not showing up on my mtx stash.
WTH is going on. I could get the past pack easily but this one is not showing up.

EDIT : I got it after i pushed the link your account button, even though i was logged into my twitch account. So if the page asks for account linking just do it :)
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dint get mine
Poor bastards.

You are all better off just wait for a sale and then you go and just buy those MTX directly from the MTX shop here.

Why are you all going through this pain of needing to sign up this and that? Seriously, it IS NOT worth it.
Linked the wrong account on accident...Corrected the mistake. "Loot already claimed"...RIP
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sorry for double post, not sure how to delete :/
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