Boss Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

where are the changes????????????????????????????????????????????
Literally saw nothing different... Someone mind telling what they changed?

I think I saw Graevius using a new fire attack and that was it.
Harder bosses, I am all for it.
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tbh the only news experienced players wait are Scourge Arrow and Tornado Shot rework/balance

these skills make most other bow skills redundant. first one is better with elemental despite being 'chaos' skill, the other one is simply dumb

these bosses took lots of manhours but.. game got dumbed down to a level when even new players dont care. uber elder with 4L skeletons? no problem. being carried by skill gem levels alone and not needing any gear (unless you are melee, but who plays that crap?)

they cannot and wont redo the game because if they make it challenging for casters then it is impossible for melee. simple as that.
If you're going to so that melee have to poke a boss once or twice, then run around like an idiot for 4 secs or so, then you need to give melee skills another damage boost, and also buff the health from trash mobs a bit to compensate.

I don't want to spend 1 min+ to kill a boss, only for it to drop garbage. You designed your game for fast paced gameplay, and now you want to add features to make it slow paced?

You need to decide what the hell do you want to do with your game, GGG.
Daaaaaamn!! People are gonna diiie
TrueChaoSxTcS wrote:
Endalay wrote:
wait, what actually did change ? i think trailer is more about little graphic update

They added the the falling rocks back to Oversoul. Everyone else, I don't know the fights well enough to even say cause they all get instanuked lol
I never knew they took them out. He usually dies so fast I just figured he didn't get a chance to use it.
A harder game is not what I want.

I want an easier game. Or at least an easy mode option.

These changes may be the final straw for me.:-(
Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading. Oh and Gambling Loot boxes. And selling out to tencent.

I used to love GGG. I supported to ensure GGG remained independent, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-

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