Post your old favorite rares...not mirrored

Is there an item that "you" found and will never let go? Not that it's the best but works for you?

Mine is this...

Nothing over the top, didn't waste any currency on it. But in the earlier years, it did a good job on resists and such.

-Legion's the first League I've tried since joining in '13, and I found a HH in Crematoriam (Monolith). Game Over.
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I've been playing since 2012 and have never traded for anything, but I have taken this one weapon. The story behind this is this: I had just started playing and had hit the wall all new players hit. Someone had found this mace and shared it in a way I can't remember (on the forum I think). I said it was an really good mace and he asked if I wanted it because he never played melee. This helped me progress and since then I try to help new players in any way I can just to pay it forward.
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I hear you. The early players helped new players, and helped grow the base.

Nice 5-L there, before the power-creep.
-Legion's the first League I've tried since joining in '13, and I found a HH in Crematoriam (Monolith). Game Over.
Got these 2 that are on my Not for Trade tab.

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Best rare i ever found. Made obsolete by stygian vises. Still haven't bothered to vendor it for sentimental reasons.

This dropped for me back in 1.3.1. It was the first item I ever 6L'd and I used it with my CoC build until the nerf hit. I used to have 3rd resist crafted on it but I used one of the newer crafts to see how high I could get the ES to go. Probably isn't worth much today but since I put so many hours into that build I just keep around for the memories. :)
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From my Bane Occultist back in Synthesis

From my Righteous Fire Juggernaut from back in Bestiary

Unfinished ilvl86 Vaal Axe from back in Legion
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First Mirror dropped in SSF Synthesis! (3207 hours)

Wish you could get a date stamp for when items were found because I have had this one for years.

Did a lot of work on a Molten Strike raider with permanent phasing and onslaught.

Would be mine. Found in Nemesis, playing the meta 2H RT spectral throw at the time, and it wound up carrying me to my first 100.
My best rolled/crafted item ever:

My 50% crafted AR/ES chest that I need to finish some day:
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