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The Top Vacuum Cleaner Brands That You Should Check Out

There’s a tough question that just about every buyer in the world asks before they decide to put their money down on something: Who do you trust?

You’re never sure whether a company or a brand’s offerings are as good as they advertise them to be. To make it easier for you to get the best vacuum cleaners you can possibly get, here are the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews based on customer’s reviews. Of course, you should still have a healthy amount of skepticism when you’re buying from these brands but at the very least, you are less likely to want to ask for a refund when you’re buying from them.

Shark Navigator

Shark Navigator is among the most reputable manufacturers out there when it comes to vacuum cleaners. The brand is quite famous for its best selling corded vacuum cleaner, the Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352. The company’s portfolio offers a lot of variety and has virtually every type of vacuum cleaner on sale. No matter if it’s a cordless vacuum cleaner, a cordless stick vacuum, handheld vacuums, or a vacuum with brush roll - just ask and they’ll give you what you need.

The Shark brand is considered to be on the more expensive side of the market although the numerous features and quality of their products are well worth the extra money. Shark continues to be an industry leader, rolling out new designs and innovative features like HEPA filters to satisfy demands almost every year.

Overall, Shark is a name that we highly recommend you to stick to when it comes to vacuum cleaners.


Dyson is another household name with plenty of customer favorite products to show for its great reputation like the Dyson V7 cordless vacuum cleaner. Just like other household appliance makers out there, Dyson’s portfolio is quite diverse with things like air purifiers, hand dryers, and hairdryers, but still the company is most known for its vacuum cleaners.

The company’s been around since 1991 so you can definitely trust them on the ground of seniority alone. These people know what should be inside of a vacuum cleaner to keep customers happy and as we said, the Best vacuum cleaners in the world that they have sold through the years is a great testament to their expertise.

Just like Shark, Dyson’s portfolio covers all types of vacuum cleaners out there: Handheld, stick, cordless, corded - they have it all. Don’t feel shy about browsing through their offerings. We’re sure that you’ll stumble upon something that will spark your interest eventually.


In terms of seniority, Black+Decker is the second only to Hoover. The company has been around since 1910. Yes, it’s a company that has been doing what it does best for an entire century–making household hardware, including vacuum cleaners. Products like the Black+Decker Dust Buster handheld vacuums have been hugely popular among customers. Their products are often on the more affordable spectrum of the industry with features and designs that are found in higher-end products. For example, the popular Dust Buster has a long battery life and immense suction power for handheld vacuums’ standards. Smartly designed products that are not just intuitive, but also aesthetically pleasing, is also a big plus.

Since the company’s been around for so long, it is entrenched deep enough into the vacuum cleaner industry to understand just about everything that the average consumer might need. That’s why, in terms of product offering, Black+Decker is just as diverse as the other competitors on this list.


Last but not least, we have Hoover. Like we said before, Hoover is probably the oldest reputable vacuum cleaner maker on the market at the moment. Founded in 1908, the company’s been around just a couple of years longer than Black+Decker. It showed its teeth as the older competitor with several extremely well made, well designed, and well priced products like the Hoover REACT.

The company didn’t hesitate to give the industry its best by adding convenient, smart features into its products at the same rate as its competitors, every year. The break-neck pace that it’s been innovating and making great new products has kept the company above water for an entire century.

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As mentioned, we’re not trying to tell you that you must buy from these brands. But at the very least, knowing the most reputable names on the market can help you in making an informed decision. After all, a vacuum cleaner is a long-term investment. We don’t want you to feel regret after only a couple of months using a strange brand’s vacuum now, do we?
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Of course you didn't get a drop. You had to link your account to Twitch, and you (clearly) didn't have an account until today.

Nice try, though. I wonder which one of the three "usual suspects" from all the "Drop" threads you are. Zykor? Tygerwoody? Nah, it doesn't matter. Hope this will be the last bump you'll get :)

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