ExileCon is Tomorrow! Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

POG ...but sad for me..
G.G.G. is AwEsOmE
Damnit I have no p, wait it's just clowns. Why don't you hook everyone up with those sweet ass Madcap Wings just for the hell of it? Much better promotion I think.

"Get a free pair of Madcap Wings when you view the store."
Level 9999 Majin
As this is the time when i am preparing to go to work, I'm so glad i have tomorrow off. I'll be able to watch the majority of the event live.
I bet blizzard will follow you all weekend 🤣🤣🤣
We all believe in you and waiting! D4 shall not pass! XD
All the best for tomorrow guys, i really hope you made some incredible news for PoE 4.0

So that means only if i purchase microtransactions from specials I can get the free box, right ?
OMG ! So excited ! I can't wait to read what they gonna do with bannig peoples.

Why not ban us all - for no good reason, or actually in order to create new account and buy mere Item Shop stuff AGAIN !

Yeah. This would be working. Will it ?! or will it make us switch to ESO or something ?

Please note this in your podcast.
You are looking at one of the peoples which changed the game,
gave a ton of new ideas about number of expansions,
spread the word, and blast an advertisement campaign.
And for which I finally get threatened with a ban.
I am not playing anymore, just waiting for a nice excuse.
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Meah, have a 10 points leftover laying around, thought I'm gonna buy a skin transfer to get a "free" carnival mystery box. But when I actually saw what the box offers I've changed my mind :). Even 6 points feels like a rip off...

Maybe next time.
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