[PS4] 3.8.2b Patch Notes

just Lol I didn't play this league because performance issues and still 2 months later no fixes at all GGG plz
Still no performance /stability updates then...
Still no performance /stability updates then...
Just curious if there has been any discussion surrounding the following:

- Fixing notification pop-ups so that they don't lag, fail to cycle, etc.

- Identifying map fragments with the area of the Atlas where they belong. If a map is located in the Hydra area of the map, it'll carry the Hydra logo. This would be similar to how Shaper and Elder items carry the corresponding icons.

- Trade Market filter for Unique-Only. ..and if you were to be so bold, optional filters to help buyers find things that carry particular modifiers.

- My PoE Wishlist also contains an auto-pickup of currency. Perhaps even a filter to avoid Portal and Wisdom Scrolls. As long as it's a bit fiddly to use the right analog stick to 'aim' at the things we want to pick up, I think it'd be nice to cut down on the surgical movements and allow us to naturally just walk over currency to pick it up.

- Allow for multiple currency items to be wanted when trading in the Market. i.e. I want to trade a nice unique for some Regal Orbs and Gemcutter Prisms.


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