What You'll See on the ExileCon Livestream

getting out of work early just so I can witness this in all it's glory!!!!!!!!
am sure there new character coming in 4.0.0 cant wait to see what will be ..
10 days, aghhhhhhh....
Aaaaand sorry for my english! <3
I am looking forward to this event ! :D
https://youtu.be/aan7z2O-MNk <-- Krillson video
thread/2616548 <-- My 3.8 Strength Stacking Blade Vortex Chieftain
thread/2526420 <-- My 3.8 Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Raider Build (8-13 Frenzy)
thread/2556162 <-- My 3.8 Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Slayer Build (Max 29 Charges)
Are you doing any "Twitch Drops" for the stream?
Anything that´s unrelated to elephants is irrelephant
Can't wait that long... what i'm gonna do with my life until then?

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TamerXX wrote:
am sure there new character coming in 4.0.0 cant wait to see what will be ..

Druid, with four shape shifting flavored ascendency's. Four because every other class gets a shiny new ascendancy.
When is POE going to gate something behind HOW GOOD YOU PLAY, HOW SMART YOUR CHOICES or HOW STRONG YOUR CHARACTER IS? why must ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING be nested RNG, gated behind how many 16 hour days you can repeat the same EASY BORING low maps?
ggg pls polish 4.0 as much as possible and wont hurry with 4.0 release data! u better make it perfect than faster broken bugged release
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