[3.9] Elementalist Dual-Shimmeron Spell caster-Lightning/Fire/Cold Pick Your Spell-Rdy for 3.9!!!

Primordial chain amulet is necessary? Can I keep in my build my eyes of the greatwolf talisman that I bought for 37 exalts? It's stats are 70% Increased Dmg & 26% Attributes AND all that are doubled.. Primordial chain weakens my golems but it goes better with the synergy of this build idk.. what is your opinion?
Primordial Chain is silly for pretty much all elementalists and should be near-mandatory regardless of what you are doing with the class.

What you're taking advantage of for this build is the follow lines of text:

25% increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems PER SUMMONED GOLEM

Liege of the Primordial
20% increased damage PER SUMMONED GOLEM
25% increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems PER SUMMONED GOLEM

Primordial Eminence
30% increased effect of Buffs granted by your Golems

Golem Commander
30% increased effect of Buffs granted by your Golems

Golem Life and Buff effect
20% increased effect of Buffs granted by your Golems

By the time that is all said and done, you get something like 540% increased effect of golem buffs for every single golem.

The Stone golem regen doesn't stack, you only get it once, but it ends up being something like ~600+ life per second. A single Lightning Golem gives something like 60% increased cast speed, a single Fire golem gives something like 120% increased damage, and a single Ice Golem gives upwards of 180% increased Crit Strike chance.

If you did everything else except for the Primordial Chain, you have to 1) find another slot for a 3rd Primordial jewel and 2) you'd lose 3 golems, the buffs they provide, 60% increased damage for yourself and 150% increased buff effect for all your other golems.

It's pretty significant.
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The build seems neat and overall was a breeze to level thru story.

I am now 71 and getting setup for maps. What I dont get though is my energy shield just constantly gets put to 0 and I am having to chug health bots.

Assuming its due to the lightning damage from the wands? I have energy leech and zealots oath but doesn't seem to matter. Thoughts on what is going on before I invest more into ES and sorting this guy out.
Also why pain attunement? We are not low life.
Update to my wife's iteration of this build, we've gone to a weird place, but it is strangely cool.


We ended up swapping out the Templar jewel for a Doryani Vaal jewel and picking up Zealots Oath to make our Stone Golem Life regen affect our Shield instead of our life. Having 50% of non-chaos damage bypass energy shield is actually a good thing here as it allows us to take advantage of MoM + Indigon + Enduring Eternal Mana Flask of Warding to run RF with no real downside while also gaining immunity to curses indefinitely.

Basically, for every 10 points of non-chaos damage, 5 goes to energy shield, 3 goes to life, and 2 goes to mana, and we have massive regeneration on all 3 bars, so she ends up being pretty tanky for a caster build, but that's still squishy overall if you're used to playing melee stuff.

We're having a hard time coming up with what to upgrade next. There are lots of options, but everything that does something meaningful is like 10+ exa, and that just seems unreasonable. The Shimmerons could technically be upgraded into a +5 staff, the Cloak of Defiance could be upgraded into a well-rolled rare, the Watchers eye could have a 2nd relevant stat, the Primordial Chain could be corrupted for additional goodness on top of the annointment, but all of these things get very expensive very quickly for arguably small payoffs.
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Got this one for the fireball version. Gonna use it with armageddon brand.
Thanks for the build. :)

I'm using the fireball version.
I changed the armageddon brand setup:

Feels better against bosses.
What do you think?
Why Wave of Conviction level 1? Level 1 CWDT can support a level 7 WoC
Also curious why Pain Attunement is taken without any health reservation (looking at Arc POB).
Darfel wrote:
Also why pain attunement? We are not low life.

The timeless jewel will convert it to inner conviction

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