Frontier Microtransactions on Sale This Weekend

175 points for a lazy eye MTX. You guys are just trolling the community now, while steamcharts is not an EXACT statistic, it does show a massive drop in player numbers.

This league is not even close to being a good one, and you guys are doing your best to keep people playing by introducing more and more microtransactions? Just how hard is Tencent breathing down your necks?
very nice!

Overpriced player gouging mtx, No thanks.

Saving my disposable income to spend on Diablo 4
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xMustard wrote:
why does EVERYTHING have that ridiculous streaming trailing effect now. it makes it look goofy

My guess is someone on the design team really, really, REALLY likes hallucinogens.
Nosferat wrote:
175 points for a lazy eye MTX.

I see what you did there. And so does his back.
Frontier Mystery Box still one of my favorite songs from all of PoE, Jamil
Very Nice!!

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