The Lord's Labyrinth: Path of Exile Gamebook

I got mine today and oh man was it a wonderful surprise I had forgotten that this was something I still had to come!

Perfect timing too with the summer hitting and evening to relax with this book thanks GGG!
I just received mine and it looks sick! I'm about to start my first lab run right now. Wish me luck!
Mine just came in. Keep an eye out everyone!
Having fun playing through myself. Thanks for the image of the character sheet, makes it easy to print one out!
can you play this with multiple people?
Online version pls ggg I wanna buy this with my coins.
I purchased the Orion supporter pack and have read and reread the Lord's Labyrinth Gamebook over fifty times. I went through a divorce and my wife threw away the book because it was misplaced when I left and she didn't want memories of me. We're back together now, but I'm without the book and was wondering if there was some way to get another copy? I'd rather not spend another $480 if at all possible, but I can't seem to find any copies anywhere.
The same for me!

I would love to order the book somewhere, the 2d6 i got, np!

Is´nt there a way for GGG to make some more of those books available to purchase?

Would just like to bump this - I'm way more interested in buying this than some silly shirts. Or more pixel artwork, for that matter.
"Boah, is echt lächerlich, wie schnell das hier lädt, wenn nich irgendwelche Penner mit MTX hier rumhängen."

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