The Celestial Steam-Powered Portal microtransaction is a machine that shakes and vibrates as it holds open an oval tear into a celestial realm. Don’t worry about silly things like if this portal might loose horrors from beyond upon this mortal plane, instead focus on how cool it looks as seen in our preview video below. Or that you can get it from our store, here.

Want to look like an eldritch entity that clawed its way forth from the bowels of the Celestial Steam-Powered Portal? Then you should try using the Elder Armour Set, Sin Wings, Wild Weapon and Celestial Character Effect.

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So this was, what, like, five minutes to slap together?

Oh. $15. Okay.

Yeah, that seems like profit well-earned.
Mash up, but I still like it. Seems extra spacey compared to normal celestial.
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Looks like portals getting a nerf next patch!
void version next week? xD
I'd say the celestial stuff is getting old but it isn't lol

This one shits on the old steam-powered portal.
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
Now I'm tempted to spend some cash. LOL
To Die Is Not An Option, To Fight Until DIESync Is The Only Answer. ☺☻☺

Happy Hunting Exiles.
swiftchaos333 wrote:
Looks like portals getting a nerf next patch!

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