During the livestreamed keynote announcement presentation at ExileCon on the morning of November 16th, we'll unveil December's 3.9.0 expansion. While it's too early to reveal the full details of this release, we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect from the upcoming expansion.

We settled on the term expansions for recent releases like Legion and Blight, because they add new content like skills and items to Path of Exile as well as containing full challenge leagues. 3.9.0 not only contains the usual content you'd expect from a regular Path of Exile release, but also some game-wide expansion content that isn't tied to the league itself. It's a bit larger in size than any other Path of Exile release in 2019.

We have been really excited about a league idea that we wanted to do for a while but didn't have the technology or resources to pull off. While we can't share more information about the league just yet, we can tell you that it contains a good balance of risk vs reward, compelling endgame content and is a whole lot less server-melty.

Alongside the league and expansion content mentioned above, 3.9.0 contains some new item rewards that should provide interesting new character build options and a fresh metagame. We're also focusing some balance attention on bows, though this revamp isn't of the same scale as our spellcasting and melee changes earlier this year. The expansion also includes all the usual divination cards, unique items, new skills and so on that you're used to from Path of Exile releases.

We currently expect to release the PC version of 3.9.0 on Saturday December 7th, NZ time (with console versions the following week). We'll announce the final firm date at ExileCon alongside other information about the expansion. In addition, ExileCon attendees will be able to play a 3.9.0 demo at the convention.

As usual, 3.9.0 has its own set of league supporter packs, which will replace the Blight ones when released. We expect these to come out in the week following ExileCon. Last December's Core Supporter Packs (with physical goods) were really successful, so we plan to release another set this December also, which will of course contain new physical goods. This means that the current Core Supporter Packs will leave the store in a couple of months. We'll announce the exact date of their end in the following weeks, so you can plan your purchases appropriately.

We're really looking forward to next month, where we can show you what we have been working on!
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Great team, great work, great future.
How is Bex?

a good balance of risk vs reward, compelling endgame content and is a whole lot less server-melty.

Nice! I like it when it's less server-melty.
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Hi mom
Thanks for giving us a heads-up that the Core supporter packs will be replaced so that folks can make any purchases / upgrades ahead of time. 👍

Interested in knowing more about 3.9 and 4.0 for sure.
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great !!
less server-melty?

But I really enjoy melted server on toast in the morning.. sadface...
generally dangerous

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