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Starzon29 wrote:
Polux69 wrote:
Starzon29 wrote:
To be honest i am more excited blizzcon 1 November "Diablo 4 " =)....

Lol dude ! I played 6 hours in D3 and I can run GR 75 ! PoE is much more a real H&S than D sh1t 3 !!!

I wating more for real diablo then a Copy!!!

So, disapointed !!! LOL
Blight League is the first one I ever achieved ALL of my goals : getting a Headhunter and completing 40/40. I became really impatient to know what'll be the next league as well as the 4.00 !
please stream it also on YouTube, my ISP has congested network during the evening on Twitch, on YouTube it is smooth
https://zapodaj.net/c9440357ba651.png.htmlHello . i have windows 10. he wanted me to count the league countdown to the desktop :-) can you do it?

Dear GGG, give this app a download to the desktop that counts time to the next league :-)

https://ibb.co/jzH8sMf i love this game :-)
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Cant wait no more...
Hyped AF, due to the fact that blizz thought it could win back it's crowd with a lousy d4, pfft
diablo is Dead , ave path of exile !!!
make the auramanser great again for more team party :)
ongoing metamorphosis

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