Aura's auto deactivated

Hello, by some day i have a problem. im summoner and i used trigger an socked spell when you use an spell. (summon carrion, desecrate, flesh offering)

Actualy i used two aura's. hatred and haste.

Problem is when i used my flame dash sometime (not always), one of my aura its deactivated and i need to activate again. is this a bug?

Ill try to clear my 2nd skill slot where aura was. but this still happned.
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It is the same here. I use cyclone with two auras: HoA and Hatred. And since the last update one of them is disabled during combat, either when I cast a spell or I use a skill movement causing me the risk of dying if I don't keep an eye on them.

I thought it was something about purchased skins (MTX). Or that auras were active in my 2nd skill slot.

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Been having the same problem
Might have narrowed it down to using carrion golem, the first time I use it to resummon the minion in a zone, or if it dies, one or all of my auras triggers off.

This turned my clarity off for uber elder which caused me quite a few deaths because I couldn't cast spells - and I couldn't turn it back on because my mana didn't regen back quick enough - ironic!
Thanks for your report, we'll look into this.
In my case I found that the cause of the problem was CARRION GOLEM which was trigged by cwdt.

I replaced it with something else and the problem didn't happen anymore.

Carrion golem definitely does it for me too
The first time it dies or get resummoned in a zone one of my two auras turns off randomly.

Carrion golem is not linked to anything in my build.
Same fot me.
This also happens for me too....I have the carrion golem setup, but not linked with any aura....pretty annoying

Thanks GGG for looking into this
Having similar issues using the carrion golem with Herald of Agony, Herald of Ice, and also blood and sand.

If golem dies it will sometimes randomly cancel an aura during the fight.

This is making it unusable during boss fights or bigger fights since golem tend to die so easy and then you have to wait for the reserved mana to come back before you can recast the aura that it erroneously cancelled.
Hello! Can confirm Carrion Golem on Cwdt leads to multiple disappears of hatred and Herald of Agony. Pretty annoying in some cases build disabling.

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