[PS4] 3.8.1d Patch Notes

Can confirm that Vorici seems to be fixd. Just had him during an encounter and it was fine and then again during my safehouse although I did still lag a little when the other members appeared but nothing fortify couldn't handle.

Haven't tried a blighted map since the update but as long as you're quick with building and don't allow the packs to build up too much then blight Encounters are playable on all tiers. Still fail the odd one due to horrible portal placement or a super tanky boss but that's fair, you can't win them all.
DragooNick wrote:
When does the PS4 get the Delve Stash?

I don't know if it's supposed to be or not... but you can buy it now. I bought it yesterday after a friend told me it was available.

I hope there aren't any gear/stash-eating bugs or anything...
is alredy possible to use blighted maps without lag? ty

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