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Last bumped on Jan 12, 2020, 6:50:04 PM
Pretty good for leveling a necro with SRS (storm brand good) until you eventually stop using it because it's just outclassed by spectres and zombies at high levels.
Why it can't even stack even from multiple diffrent sources? Like even well busted you can reach somewhere like 50k dot damage? When zombies or spectres reaching milions right now without any problem...
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
When linked to a spectre that summons its own minions, such as Spectral Tacticians, the spectre's minions take the burn damage from Infernal Legion and gets the proper visual effect as well. But they deal no burning damage to surrounding enemies. Exactly as if they have been supported by Infernal Legion but then had the support gem pulled from their link setup.

Really odd interaction that I doubt is intended. If working correctly this support would have been a godsend for minions making minions without inherent AoE abilities.
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great ideal to bad is to weak to use
Do multipliers from spell damage, fire damage, aoe damage, elemental damage, minion damage, damage over time, and burning damage affect this gems damage?
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Hello there,

is it possible to give the Infernal Legion Support a more unique touch, something like (10% of minion life per second+base Fire Damage per second).

So it is more useful to use high life minions which Need to be summoned rather than immortal minions.

im looking forward to this change. :)

this is just a Suggestion and the values are not fix, just thank you for consideration. :D

kind regards
The only things that affect this gem are minion % damage passives, more damage from support gems (damage over time, fire, aoe, minion), malevolance aura, shock, bane/flammability/elemental weakness curses, minion % damage from items, - fire resistance and exposure applied from you the character, and + levels for all gems not just active skill gems. At best I got around 200k dps on stone golemancer, but the problem is only one application of burning is applied it doesn't stack. It was going to be extremely expensive and there would have been little to no other damage from other sources. I know it's a support gem, but damn is it weak.
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The problems of this gem are the following:
- most ways of increasing damage over time aren't working for minions (because most items increase YOUR DoT not your minions'dot
- AND/OR support gems don't work because of lack of hit/tag (ex: burning damage support or swift affliction support).

I did try to make a summoner focused on minions having lots of life and exploding after short time. The damage was excellent for lvling (almost op when using SRS and Skellies). However it quickly became crap in maps and I believe it is because of the flat damage which can only increase if you invest heavily in very expensive support gems and items (empower max lvl or +1 lvl to spell gems/+1 to fire gems worth dozens of exalted orbs).

Another problem is that if you increase elemental damage only, then you loose of lot of dps for ALL minions BUT caster/ele spectres and who wants spectres to die because they freaking burn like crazy? If desecrate wasn't so shitty slow (summon only 1 corpse of the mob you need and that's only if you're lucky) maybe that could work but unfortunately no one is willing to stop every minute and desecrate and corpse targeting and removing spell echo and re-summoning. AND if you lost all spectres then you're screwed with shit useless spectres.

This support gem could be useful if there were less expensive ways to make the dps stronger. I believe the dps will still be WAY lower to other gem support combination for all minions but spectres and slowly dying spectres is a major PAIN IN THE A**.
I had lots of fun at low lvl but unfortunately it's over :-(
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