3.8.1d Patch Notes

ggg pls buff drop rate oils and blighted maps
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Fixed a bug where Raised Mummies did not submerge after dying.

I saw this movie! Also, isn't this just what mummies do? :P

Will try tomorrow if this patch fixes PoE on my main pc. Thanks for working on performance!

Edit: Just saw it was missing the spell echo/multistrike patch note.
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1.9GB update on steam, is this for real? :O
Can we get a buff on blighted oils? Its blight specific yet the drops are so minimal.
Yeah we need more rare oils and blighted maps. Drop rate is a shame and disgrace.
Why this update 3.4 gb on steam?


Everytime when patch comes this happens... Last 3-5 patches was 30-100mb but it takes around 30~mins
Please check why this happening on steam update
Why did I find that all the original gemstone grades were wrong after I updated my login?
Please, fix map drop quality in tiers. Running T14 and getting T1 maps drop is feels deeply broken and antisustaining.

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