[3.8] 12k ehp Tanky Delve Depth 809(Rank #7 Necro) Spectre Summoner with vaal pact overleech

This is essentially a Spectre summoner setup that is pretty much unkillable in maps and can delve comfortably to depth 800-ish while maintaining a reasonable fast mapping speed (¬500k dps per spectre x4... just shield charge through the map). I will be pushing to depth 900 and beyond over the course of next week.

Uber elder kill video (using outdated gear)

Pob Pastebin

Current Gear

Of great importance to me is to keep my zombies alive since that is where my overleech comes from.

They might have 55k hp but on a 4L they are never going to hit their leech cap.

Initial they were fine with the 3 supports ( minion dmg, feeding frenzy, multistrike). As I reached depth 600+ I noticed them dying in ele penetration nodes and primevial cities so I made a switch to physical to lightning, elemental army, feeding frenzy. Closer to depth 700+ they started getting shredded again so I swapped out feeding frenzy for meatshield and so far they are holding out fine at depth 800 for the most part.

The spectres (slave drivers) are bit tankier at 51k hp because they do enough damage to cap their leech but I do lose 1 here and there when they wander outside the fortify radius of my AG in dangerous nodes .

Animated Guardian
My Animated Guardian is pretty tanky I suppose at 72k life he is wearing a pelt, king's guard, victario's flight.southbound and a helmet with 1% regen and -9% lightning res aura. 72k life with meatshield and a decent amount of regen lets him survive most terrible stuff. I also have him socketed on my shield so I can unsummon him with a weapon swap.

My surviability

My survivability is pretty solid so far.

1. EHP: 6,658 hp, 5612 es

2. Sustain:
- 3462 hp over leeched per second (30%bonus from bone barrier)

-4500 es over leeched per second ( multiplicative 30% from bone barrier 1.3^2 because of soul tether )

-890 life and 280 es gained on block ( bone barrier + 5% hp and 5% es recovery shield)


-Block : 73/37 block (bone offering + rumis)

-50% evasion : Blind from flesh and stone aura

-phasing: Quartz Flask. Pretty important to be able to just run pass packs with too much hp on the way to the nodes.

-Fortify from animated Guardian: I also have 120% inc fortify effect when I focus

-Bone barrier from necro ascendancy. I cycle btwn the inc fortify effect on focus and bone barrier all the time to make sure I almost always have some form of dmg reduction.

-Chill from skitterbots ( 22% slow) . I might eventually swap this out for discipline

I am getting randomly one shotted here and there when hits go through my block when I am in cities with really bad mods but I very very seldom die in nodes

There are some nodes I avoid though.

1. Fungal cavern nodes with added ele dmg since the chaos degen from the zombies get multiplied

2. Beyond nodes. Again Bameth's chaos degen via desecrate etc deal so much dmg and it can destroy you and your minions

3. Crit nodes are scary too and I am trying to see if I can find a way to get reduced crit dmg

Cost of the build?


The base items aren't too expensive just to get started

1. The animated guardian is about 1.5 ex

2. Astramentis 1 ex ( 70c for the anoint)

3. Baron with the zealotry/wrath enchant are kinda rare but I got both for 1 ex and 30c

4. ele weakness corrupted shaper's touch are 1 ex ish or less

5. geofri's sanctuary is about 4 ex

6. a soul tether with the % inc strength corruption is btwn 1-2 ex

7. A decent + 1 spectre boots might be expensive ( I have had a 20 ex offer for the ones in pob) Can probably grab one with 60 ish life and a little less res for 1-2 ex though

8. rings with res and strength can come up to 1-3 ex a pop especially if it is an unset

9. timeless jewel : yeah it will be hard to get the exact same seed though if not impossible given the low supply of lethal pride this league! My experience tells me that it shouldn't be too hard to get at least 2x 5% strength bonuses with some divines.

1. Defensive mechanics
2. Required Uniques
3. Crafting/purchasing rare equipment
3. Getting 1000 strength without gimping survivability or dps4.
4. Upgrades
5. Gem links
6. Videos
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Will update the guide over the next few days or so if there is interest. I did notice that most summoners aren't pushing delve too hard this league despite them dominating the ladder and delve rotations being really easy to participate in now.

The great dps and clearspeed of summoners are well established facts at this point in time but I thought it would be nice if someone at least made a 'guide' to show that extreme survivability can be obtained while maintaining good single target and clear speed.

For many experienced and PoB savvy folks out there..just the PoB will suffice so I will only update this guide if there is sufficient interest else just enjoy whatever information is contained here!
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Did you just alt spammed your regalia until t1 life and es? Also do you swap any gems for just mapping or uelder?
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i actualy restocked into your build, very solid work dude.
played this league like 3-4 versions of necro zombies/specters,
none of them was so tanky as yours.

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An interesting take on the build. Thanks for the writeup. I'm kind a tired of full zombies and I am definitely trying this out.
I'm currently pushing my delve as deep as I can. Sadly, I hit a wall with my cold spectres/zombie/skellies. Will definitely try your build out and push it to the absolute limits.
Just looking for a necro delve guide and found this and... deleted lol.

Nice guide though. Everyone know that delve is endgame content so you cant expect it getting crowd interested .
I am using this build but i have a Doryani Timeless Jewel. I run skitterbot, purity of elements flesh and stone in sand stance and dread banner. Heres my gear.

I chose the purity of element watchers because 2x phys taken as element is a powerful defensive layer, and 20% HP at 5.4k hp gives higher ES than 17% mana at 1k mana. Your thoughts?

I am interested in this topic you didn't go into: 3. Getting 1000 strength without gimping survivability or dps.

Can you share some tips and tricks there.
Elder Body Armor or Lethal Pride jewel for 5% increased Strength
Efficent training Jewels

for example:

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