A couple of weeks ago we introduced the Delve Stash Tab that allows you to store all Fossils and Resonators at one place in your stash. We've received a lot of requests from the community asking for a crafting slot in this Tab. Based on your feedback, we're adding two crafting slots in the upcoming 3.8.1d update which is scheduled for next week. Alongside this small QoL feature, the 3.8.1d patch includes further improvements and fixes. We'll tell you more about this patch soon.

The Delve Stash Tab on consoles will be available in a patch in the near future. We're very sorry for its delayed release.

Thank you for your feedback and continued support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Nice! Finally! :3
OK , now I am interested :)
Don't get how they could ship a tab for crafting materials without a crafting slot but glad it's finally being added.
How did this pass WITHOUT the equipment slots in the first place lol
finally i can easily fossil craft a gift for my ex-wife. maybe she'll come back

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Just what the doctor ordered

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