[3.8] Low Life, 6 Golems, Critical Divine Ire Elementalist

poiso wrote:
So what's the point of Zealots oath?

Just as what the person below you just mentioned, its for all the golem regen you get 500+ is too much to pass for 1 node.
Added A video, Pantheon and Bandits *Updated*
How many eminence jewel you using?

I mean recomented say 2 but 2 jewel is 60% + 50% elemental buff + 70% from tree. Thats a golem buff of 180%

I cant use pob at the moment, så if u have 430% increase golem fuffs u need a total of 10 eminence jevels to get 420% unless there is something i missed😕😁😁😁😁

I my self are lookngin to a self cast 6 golem build. Using fire trapnstead
By this guide, I have cut down UE in 1 set and 3 portals lol
My tree has changed abit, here: https://pastebin.com/KnRW1RxB
And with those gears:

Thanks for your guide!!! <3
League starter viable without shavs and some form of life base?
can you do atziri with that setup ? or do you switch to something else ?

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