can we please ban the bots/trade bots

One of the best things about a new league is not just the new content but a FRESH ECONOMY. Exalt prices are damn near 130c per not even a week into the league and soon we will be at standard prices. All of these bots that can farm millions of chaos per day ruin the experience for those of us who want to buy exalts in game and NOT have to exhort to buying exalts from online sites that sell exalts on the "CHEAP." This game is turning into Diablo 2 where you have half the god damn player base that are using bots.
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don't got that problem over in ssf.
GGG actively bans bot farms they just dont go annoucing it for your amusement.
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satanttin wrote:
don't got that problem over in ssf.

Yeah, what you get in SSF is GGG's loot least bots middle-finger to that before they get shot in the face.
SunDevil295 wrote:
farm millions of chaos per day

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Gulch wrote:
SunDevil295 wrote:
farm millions of chaos per day


I don't think he meant per-bot, I think he meant one person's bot farm can do that.

Which, at probably ten thousand chaos per bot per day if you code it efficiently to just pick up currency and run chaos recipe in blood aqueducts or alch-and-go t1 maps, only takes 100 bots to hit a million. I'd be willing to believe that a few of the rmters have that kind of farm going.

It's definitely bot abuse of chaos recipe that makes chaos SO much cheaper than ex, though. Just look at the difference in price between softcore and hardcore for proof.
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Who's to say that an exalt shouldn't be 130c?
I remember telling my clan to farm 1 mill chaos a day or they get hit with a flipper
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